grow and light box designs (please leave input)

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  1. ok here are my light box and grow box designs, ive already started on the light box but plan to revise the socket arrangement soon. there will also be a veg light box which consists of 2x 175W MH and 1 70W HPS thats not pictured.

    grow box design:

    light box design:
  2. ballast placement:

    socket placement:

    light socket placement redesign:
  3. the wires look like a read fire hazard./..
  4. the wires should be fine. i still need to ziptie them down to clean it up, but on top of that, the wires(ballast section) will be air cooled and i know how to read wiring schematics.
  5. holy hell thats a cluster fuck! pretty interesting though. good luck with that. ill be checking in on this.
  6. lol it is quite messy atm.... but i got a buttload of zip-ties that i plan on using to clean it up, but i dont wanna start that until i get the sockets placed in their final homes, but after that ill clean it up. there will still be alot of wires as theres 5 ballasts in there (and 2 have ignitors and starters) but at least it will be a little cleaner, and when i finish youll never see the wires.....
  7. ok, sounds like a plan. my only concern is that all those ballasts are mounted directly to wood. my ballast gets pretty hot. maybe something resistant to heat between them would be wise. be careful bro. good luck!
  8. It's great on paper, but i hafta agree that the heat factor from both the ballasts etc on one side, and the 500w worth of toaster oven on the other, there is something to consider here before we worry about some wire ties.
  9. i must say thanks for the input people.... and although the thoughts are warrented (being mounted directly on wood) i cant imagine the ballasts (which are rated to be installed in airtight, closed fixtures) will get too hot with a continuous flow of air all around them. i might be wrong, but i do have a 180cfm inline duct fan handling the heat exhaust for the growlight alone (which sucks heat out of the ballast section as well as the socket section to out side air) but i could always install something between the ballasts and the wood, but i dont really see it as needed. before i do any of that ill have to do a dry run as soon as i get the vent tubing attached to the duct fan and see if anything is needed, i guess ill just have to add a thermometer to the ballast section to make sure it doesnt get to hot.
  10. Im not sure of your mouting plans but hanging all the bulbs verticly you wont be using all the lumens. they should be horizantal.. Just my 2cents...
    \good luck buddy
  11. also those ceramic E40's get fkin hot - that's why they're ceramic cos the heat will melt plastic.

    u can't bolt them to wood m8.
    mebe bolt them to a steel plate as a heatsink & bolt that to the wood :rolleyes:

    u dont want fire alarms going off cos it attracts ppl in uniform to the ashes of ur home.
  12. Excellent advice M8......:)

    I think he should mount the ballasts and the Sockets on some 1/8" or thicker Aluminum plate and then mount the plate to the wood with two 5/16" nuts with a rubber washer between each(as a sound deadener) under each bolt as a spacer...that gives air circulation under everything.....and adds a huge safety factor ;)
    "Safety first"
    Good Luck
  13. cool guys... ill defiently add the aluminum plates with a little space between them, the wood, and the ballasts to allow air flow. ill also mount the sockets on some type of heatsink... im sure i can find something......
    like i said before, thanks for all the input.....
  14. excellent set up. i'd hate to see all that go to waste.

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