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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by uksmoke, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Have aquired a clone - approx 8-10cm in height - roots JUST visible now through bottom of 3 inch rockwool block after 1 week under 2x55w flouro in heated propegator.
    Transferred clone to NFT tank at half nutrient strength pHed to 6.5 under 400 HPS and the clone wilted - BIG STYLE!! - in around 30 mins

    Got that worried that i have removed it and placed it back in propegator & under flouro hoping it will recover.
    Been while since last grow and have been used to growing from seed in hydroton.

    Any suggestions anyone??? would appreciate some assistance.

    Peace all.
  2. how close is that hps? and what type of air circulation you got going on?
  3. started with hps at about 18 inches.
    extractror fan - good quailty (RKV or RUCK i think)
    have in air vent also
  4. too big of change

    too hot...for u wimpy root/shoot ratio.

    maybe put it far away from the HPS or keep it under ur CF for a few days more till u see good growth of new shoots
  5. What Froggy said. Seedlings/clones need at least 3' distance to the light for the first couple of days when placed under 400 watt hps. Probably they are in 'shock'.
  6. :hello:can any one help a newbie out i have 3 love lie female weed plants which are flowering (thank god) can any one tell me if they ever heard of maple leaf if so can ya tell me how long dose it take the whole flowering process from start to finish. nead all the help i can get

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