Grow 3 - Dark Room 120 - 600W

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  1. Well about to begin a third grow using the Dark Room 120/600W but haven't decided what strain to go with. I'm hoping to get some BubbaKush if not then I'll go with PK.

    I modified the DarkRoom a little to make it 3' x 4' instead of 4'x4'

    Here's the photo of it. I'll be adding the rest of the equipment in the next two days.

  2. Ok so I got 20 Bubba K coming this week. Will post more photos on Thursday.
  3. Soo today I got a LED light and will put it into the room for a few days to see what happens. Never tried LED's This are the specs for the array Data Sheet.pdf

    Here are some photos of the plants under the usual Pro Light T5 reflector that I usually use and then under the 300W LED array

    Plants under T5's


    Plants under the LED array

  4. So the LED system is quite interesting. For the first few days the plants seems odd and the leaves were drooping like they were overwatered/underwatered (probably stress from going to LED from fluros) Over the last few days they seems to have exploded with vigor and new nodes. Also the nodes are way tighter then with the 6 T5's I used.

    I'm not gonna flower with the LED's this time as the Bubba Kush is hard to get but next grow I'll try the LED's al the day.

    Here are some photos from today



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    So so far its going pretty good. Transplanted the plants into 2 gal pots the other day and got my hands on the new GH Organic line The early stage launch of General Organics | GrowGH Blog

    Just fed them with the new nutrients a few hours ago. Will see what happens.

    Here's the latest photo


    Next week I'll be getting a DarkRoom 60 and using that to mother four of the above plants and use them for cuttings for the 5th grow. For the forth grow which I'll start next week also I'll just go with generic PK clones maybe K2 if I can get my hands on them.
  6. I'll get some more photos later tomorrow. Just been too busy and lazy about the updates.
  7. Awesome so far. The pictures are really good. :hello:
  8. Wow that tent is gonna just be a fucking jungle in a little ahwile if you have a 300W LED unit on them. I was wondering wherre you purchased your LED light and what company makes it. Also that thing looks like it is shining very blue/white light unlike normal LED grow lights with blue/red. I was wondering if this is because you turned down the red for now or is the light always like that. Let me know because I am very into LED and I also just purchased a DR120 that I am doing a grow journal on. Check it out if you have time. Peace, flo
  9. Couple more photos but nothing special. This grow was a bit neglected as I was away for a bit and has someone else take care of it. Also had crazy heat wave here so for a few weeks it was hitting 90-100F.

    Will be coming down in about 3 days.

  10. Well the final weight is 8oz. Not surprising as the weather here was way too hot and couldn't control the temps properly.

    I won't be getting a new grow up till the end of Sept but I'll be changing strain and going with 007/Diesel possibly Cherry for bigger yields. Sick of the small Kush flower, wanna see some donkey dinks. I'll also be going with 1000W.
  11. good to hear man cant wait for it, but can we see some harvest pics?
  12. I'll post some photo of the dried weed later in the day.

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