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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by MoW, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Well I figured this is the proper location to place a journal of my grow and since it is very new maybe others will learn from my mistakes as I stumble along.

    Jan 2 I placed 9 seeds in a sandwich of papertowels wet the sandwich and placed in it a sandwich bag..grin.

    This Morning when I looked at the seeds they appeared ready for part 2. All 9 seeds sprouted at about the same rate of growth. I then placed them in plactic flowerpots making sure they had lots of holes in the bottom using store bought potting soil that has proved to me in the past not to be a seed killer. I moisted the soil then placed then seeds on top of the soil without touching them placed them with the growth side down. It was rather easy to figure out which side to put down because as the pictures I will be attaching will show the sprouting roots were out about 1/4 - 1/2" from the seeds I placed them with the root growth down, then I sprinkled a little soil on top of the seeds just enough to cover them about 3/16" then sprayed them gently with a mister I bought.
    I moisted the area of the seeds well as well as the entire top of the soil. Then I covered the pots with saran wrap and placed them about 6" under 3 sets of 2 tube grow lights 40 watts each. They have good ventalation in the area although I then protected the area with a refective car winsheild reflector to maintain even warm temperture. I didthis about noontime and a 3 and then at 6 pm I checked to make sure they were moist. they were.

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  2. This is a shot of the location they will be in veggy state till they grow to about 8 - 10" ( I think ) on one hand I want manageable growth when I go to flowering and on the other hand I want Buds ASAP. Ifthey triple size I will be in good shape. I have a 3 foot X 5 foot area with a total of 600 Watts of HPS lighting waitng for them. Total height available in the flower area is 8 Foot but I want to allow for good ventilation so I don't wish to go more then 4 foot if I can help it.

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  3. Sounds and looks good to me, I'll bet they are all females!
    good luck
  4. How do you tell the differance....mines only 9 in. tall /[is too soon.]
  5. depends upon your grow, SOG grows 8"-12" start flower, other 12"-18" start flower...
    good luck
  6. And just what are SOGs maybe an index of frequently used abrev. would be handy for us not in the know[NITK] members.

    Thanks for the GROW GUIDE ,I'll be reading and gardening all day here in ctrl FLA.
    ATTENTION ..ALL NEWBIES here should read the guide Mac has before you lose yer seed reserves to'' knowing it all''
  7. SOG....means Sea of Green.....basically if you're growing sog you'd have a lot of plants...take for eample woody.....over 100 plants and lets them get to say 8-12" and then flowers to get his buds, instead of growing a few and flowering at 12-18".....sog allows the frower to have 4 harvests a year by speeding up the process because the veg stage is shorter....hope that helped you....Peace out....Sid

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