Grow 2 - not without issues - outdoor Australia

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  1. :passing-joint:Hello all

    Strains : Auto flowers
    1. DP Charolttes Angel (7cm )stunted
    2. Fast Buds GSC (46cm)
    3. Barney Farms - Pineapple Express (44cm)
    4. Greenhouse - Exodus Cheese (51cm)
    5. Greenhouse - Super Lemon Haze (34cm)

    Week 12 (just start of week)
    Seeds placed in water 8th April, Germination 11th soil 12th.

    Autumn Winter grow
    Days during winter 20c+ Nights can be chilly but undercover at night

    Soil, same as i used for grow1
    Searles Advanced Premium Potting Mix 12month controlled release fertilizers
    Searles Premium Advanced Potting Mix | Searles Gardening

    I am think of this soil next time, as i read autos dont like controlled ferts, will see how things go, but the Searles Organic could be a bit hot for autos

    Searles Premium Organic Potting Mix 50Lt | Searles Gardening

    :weed: pics of the ladies

    We had issues of gnats earlier on and some still about but very few, maybe trying to get into the soil top.

    I was using canna 13/14 with every water which may have caused some isses example week 9 water day Wednesday 4ml canna, and sunday 5ml canna,, week10 wednesday 6ml canna with water 1ml NKP fert, and Saturday 1ml canna more of npk powerfeed. Since then just water and let them dry out a bit

    Video of the girls yesterday

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