Grow # 2 a bit bigger then last

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mister Postman, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I got my males out today, and I have 7 females to put into flower.. I keep them very short using lst, and topping. I have 2 northern lights, 1 hashberry, 1 ice, 1 durban poison x skunk, 1 bag seed, and 1 c99 x blueberry
    I got the ice and 1 northenr lights in an auto pot system, and the other in soil

    The next 6-10 weeks will be very nice:smoking:
  2. Lookin' nice bro... keep up the good work.

    Edit: I have just a random question since I saw you mention "Hashberry."

    If plant is called names - such as Hashberry, Hash Plant, Afghani Hash Plant, etc - does that mean it only produces hash? like a lot of it? Or is it just regular marijuana, but more on the hashy side?

    Just a general question...

  3. i would assume that it produces heavier trichomes (which ultimately fall to the leaves) for hash production (via bubble bag -- or hash oil via butane) or they produce very dense and stiff buds (hash-like buds)

    Hope that clarifies

    and to the OP - what lighting are you usings... i see CFLS but is that a HID canopy in the middle??


  4. As to the person who ask about the hash plant.. pretty much what he said above. The planys recieved the name for the high trichome production, and leaf mass... Makes a good plant to use for hash, but is just as good a smoke anyway you choose.

    I have a 250 hps in the middle, and a load of fluorscents of varing sized.. cfls that I have saved from last grow, and thos one.. Mostly 26 and 35 watters, plus the two long 40 watt fluorescents in the back corner. I pretty much used what I had on hand as the 250 was not big enough to cover my space fully, or to my liking.. I really hate popcorn buds, and use the cfls for added light in locations
  5. nice variety.. I was looking at the blueberryxc99 cross before myself... the spice brothers cindy blues, right? looks tasty. hashberry should be nice as well... I'm going to do something similar as your reservoir system for the next grow with coco... having pots in elevated trays and a 5 gallon bucket of nutrient solution with a hose connecting to the bottom of each tray.. just lift the bucket up higher than the trays anytime you want to water and gravity will fill the trays up and water the plants, then set the bucket back down and the water will drain down the tubes back into the bucket. a flood and drain (or ebb and flow), but passive instead of active... a guy on another forum gave me that idea and I think it's going to work great.

    edit: oh and albino... hash can be made from any plant... it doesn't just bud out hash lol. those plants are named like that because the leaves around the bags are covered in trichs and you take the leaf trim and extract the trichs off (various ways to do that) and then press the kief together to make blocks of hash

  6. Yes Cinderella Blues it is.. Once I read about the strain I was set on it. Plus it's a cross of two strains I really wanted in my garden. Hopefully I will get a veg location set up so I can keep mothers of all my favs., and just flower up a bunch of clones when ut strikes me.

    Oh man I'm loving this auto pot system.. You know you can just buy the smart valve these auto pots have, and you wont need to lift etc. to water it.. But then again these sit in water till it's used up so that may not be good for cocoa.. not sure... I'm really liking this system though.. you can use soil, straight hydro, or a mix. Right now I have a 50/50 soil perlite mix, and pure blend pro in the res... Any kinda boosters, liquid karma etc I feed in right through the top, and just run a nice moderate dose in the res. Trouble free growing for the beginner.. I mean you could even run one of these back to the woods get an extra large res, and just go back to change to flower nutes LOL..can't get much more low key then that.. Just come back in the fall with an ax for your tree LOL. You can read about the auto pots here
  7. hmm sounds interesting, but expensive . I think my reservoir and hose system will cost me maybe 5 bucks... for the hoses and trays lol :] does look nice though. i'd definitely try it out if somebody gave it to me for free lol
  8. I bought it for $40 form a neighbor, and I'm not giving it away anytime soon;) .. Basically what I meant is all you need to purchase is the smart valve.. the system you can make yourself with any bucket/barrel, and hose. The smart valve just floods water in when the original is used by the plants so you don;t have to lift a bucket etc. or monitor it daily.
  9. how much is the smart valve by itself?
  10. Well off the site they sell them for $19.95, but I saw soemthing really similiar for $11 or something like that at the hydro hobby shop.. Check out that future Gardens site they show you how it works.. if your handy I'm sure you could put one together.. Looks similiar to how a toilet bowl fills with water LOL

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