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  1. Hello, everyone!
    After being a member of Grasscity and Overgrow for over 3 years I finally got myself in a situation to construct and maintain an effici[​IMG]ent safe grow room.:hello: I spent a lot of time building and getting it through germination so i decided not the document it. Building a grow room is the most creativity and i don't think i can explain but i will say this, I kept it simple. Two rooms: one for mothers and clones, and one for flowering. The clones are kept in a fish tank inside the veg chamber until roots have shown. One 1000w hps in flowering chamber and 400w mh in veg if i remember correctly (i was just on the volcano). One big fan and one small one, and a carbon filter.

    (Clones in veg room)

    (Veg room layout, in the back in the fish tank for clones)

    (Sadly there are only two flowering, mainly due to our decision to keep more mothers since this will be on a rotation. This is Haileys Commit which is budding and Durbon Posion which is starting to bud very slowly)
    Our hope is to have 1 mother plant for every strain grown and active in the next 3 months. Currently we only have Mauwie Wowie, Haileys Commit, Durbon Posion but we do have seeds for White Rhino, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights and a couple more. We were lucky to only have 3 males out of 10 seeds.
  2. Here are the current bud shots on the Haileys Commit and what is very slowly forming on the Durbon Poison.

    and one of the slow Durbon Poison
    If you look in my album you can see better that there are buds forming just very slowly.
  3. That's very nice, looks like you've put a lot of time, money, and energy into building an amazing grow room.

    Hope you get amazing results, and fat buds. Peace.
  4. Just an update. I moved 4 more clones into the flowering room, and will probably be moving the rest in the next couple days.
    Two of the mothers don't look 100%. One of them has the leafs curling under, and the Mauwie Wowie is drooping. The two middle photos show this.
    [​IMG]Does anybody else have experience with a veg room only under 400w? I think i might need more light to contain all the mothers and the clones. Also anybody have advice with 1000w for flowering they can share?

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  5. The more light the better across the board. Light in veg is very important, the more intensity the more compact and robust the plants will develop. The 400 watt is only casting a 2X2-2X4 intensity zone, if the room is bigger than that the ones under the light will outgrow the ones around the edges. I would match the bloom wattage in order to get the most uniform coverage in the veg room.

    1000 watt veg, 1000 watt flower and you'll be good to go. You can also keep a 1000 watt higher to compensate for the larger motherplants being in there with the clones.
  6. I think its time for a little update. Currently I have 15 plants or so in the flowering room and have a co2 generator ready to be installed. The biggest issues I feel is the lack of light for space were working in. 1000w for 15 plants I don't think is nearly enough and with the different strains will be an uphill battle.

    Haileys Commit will be harvested between 7 and 11 days from now and is currently being flushed.
    Kali Mist is about 49 days into flowering and is just showing the first of I'm thinking many large bud sites. I am excited to install the co2 generator to see what can be accomplished.
    Along with Kali Mist and Haileys Commit, I have Durban, and Mauwie Wowie in the flowering room.
    This veg room has been left with four mothers. I'm worried about the size of the Sativa Dominant Kali Mist when we try to flower her. Might be one I plant outdoors next year.[​IMG]
  7. Hey guys,
    There have been lots of things going on over here on my end. There are currently 13 plants in veg and 1 was trimmed and will be harvested tomorrow morning. I started tying plants down today and got about 6 or 7 done. Almost everything has buds, but the Mauwie Wowie is the slowest, yet bushiest so far. I posted just a couple pictures. One of the room, one of what i tied, and one of the trimmed bud.

    Also we installed a CO2 generator and wow is that a serious piece of equipment. The room is going to be overgrown and function at full capacity in about two weeks, I would stay tooned if I were you.

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  8. Hello everyone,
    I am sure everyone is aware that the cannabis cup is right around the corner, and i was wondering is anybody planning on attending? I bought tickets last year but decided to sell them because around the time i would be gone i am going to be harvesting about 6 plants.

    Here's an update on the plants. I am noticing between some of the strains there is a serious difference in color. The light green plants of Kali Mist and Haileys Comet are doing much worse than the dark green ones. Also many of the stems seem to be very red. Im hopefully going to diagnose that after I finish this post.

    Pic #1: The whole room
    Pic #2: Kali Mist 10 weeks into flowering. The last week and supposidly for the next two it is going to triple in size
    Pic #3: Durban 3 plants are going to be harvested in the next week or so.
    Pic #4: Another Kali Mist
    Pic 5 +6#: Durban
    Pic #7: Kali Mist
    Pic #8: The Mauwie Wowie mother was placed in 12/12 yesterday Nov 9th. The room is crowded but within a week or so 4 Durban will be coming out and shortly after the big Kali Mist will be coming out too.

    I hope you guys like what you see, if you have any idea what the red stems is please let me know.

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  9. Red stems can be genetic or it means it's hungry. The chart I have says that red stems means a deficiency in N, P, K, and/or Mg. So it might just need more food or a little epsom salt or something. I would try feeding it more first though and see if that solves the problem. It might be genetic too- you are just going to have to try a few things to see what's going on.

    I wish I was going to the cannabis cup this year :(

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