Group chat tonight....???

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. chat right now on aim whats ur sn
  2. i'm so confused somebody...TAKE CHARGE
  3. send me you aim names on aim and i will invite you if you want

    (NAME IS UNDER MY AVATAR click the aim guy)
  4. hey.. im the chat room right now!!!
  5. hey pointfive, so am i!
  6. wow that was cool!!!
  7. Reading that high makes it sound halariouslly funny....
  8. lol yeah it does :laughing:

    too bad more people didnt join
  9. We should try this again, just more organized, and a day when we can all be ready...??? but i dunno.-
  10. well i imed you e~man but you never replied
  11. shoulda imed me crusher, i am in my room alot and usually have my laptop sitting on my lap

    think we should try to get one going again tonight fellas(mayb some ladies this time lol)
  12. ill be out tonight.. but when i get in ill check aim to see if anyone's on
  13. yeah i got your message yester day crusher, but i had some car trouble after work, so i was late to that chat room. and your message came on my phone at work, but let's just say RAZR's suck ass, I can't text back... so yeah, people who were in that chat room knew i was late cuz of that, but we should try this again when everyone has time or maybe even start this up maybe like every week or something like that... you know like a little group meeting, but that's just me, and I'm really bored at work, I get out at 11(central)
  14. lets get it started send everybody who wanted in pms on how to get there..
  15. yo lemme get it on this! i was in the one lasttt night! :wave: :wave: :wave:
  16. im me on aim to get in on the chat
  17. i already have a list of 14 gc peeps on my aim buddy list, pm me your aim name, i creat gc chat rooms all the time.

    if your ever want to join a aim chat room i will call it "grassy"

    this goes for everyone, if anyone ever is board just join grassy hopfully there will always be someone there. I have done this with my rx7club and its been going for about 2 months now.

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