Groundswells 2ft by 2ft scrog Bubba Kush.

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  1. This plant is around 6-7 weeks from seed.Very slow growing. Here are a few shots. IMG_20221102_145755_HDR.jpg

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  2. having problems uploading the other shots for some reason. Not sure why.
  3. whats the soil and feed mix?
  4. 100% pure perlite, and full strength dutch masta hydroponic veg nutrient at the moment.
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    COB top.gif COB bottom.gif heres a few shots, 1 and 2 of my home made COB led.
  6. She looks maybe a bit hungry for P and K (especially P). With that much lighting, she will use a lot. May be why she’s growing a bit slow for you. I have one that will chow down the P like she’s in flower when I veg her under heavy lighting. Looking nice dude. Cheers
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  7. …and I dig growing in perlite. Haven’t done it in a minute, but always had really good luck with it
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  8. Yeah i thought something was wrong, maybe bleaching so i raised the light about 4cm. Leaves look a bit better now. I have some soluble potash called "heavyweight" i might use for the next few weeks too which is pk 13/15.
    Thanks for the tip.

    I also raised the light to hopefully get more stretch on the plant to fill in the rest of the screen faster...

    Next update should when the screen is full and i switch to 12/12.
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  9. After ive finished off my current batch of seeds-10 white rhino,4 bubba kush, 5 og kush and 5 Northen light blue, i will stick with chemdog as that was very fast in veg and also flowered in about 8 weeks while being pretty potent too. very happy with chemdog so will only buy that from now on.
    I usually grow 2 at a time in this setup as 2 fill the screen quicker but one bubba seedling died on me...should have quickly germinated another one or two but didnt.
  10. Here's an update, the outside branches and tips were taking too long to fill the screen while in the centre of the screen the tips were i had to do the flip to 12/12 yesterday 8th of november.. I might lose an ounce or two but that is ok. bubba 9 november.jpg
  11. here are a few shots filling the screen a bit better since 12/12 14 oct 1.gif
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  12. heres a couple more a week or so later 21 nov startin to get buds and hairs. about 38 healthy bud tips on top. so should get an ok yield.

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    the tip on my buds in the centre of buds are a little yellow im feeding at 2.7- 3.0 EC so its not lack of nutes, maybe bleaching? 200 watt COB light and nodes still stretching too far compared to other 80% or more indicas ive grown.
  14. my 8 month old meanwell driver shit itself and i dont think the guy i bought it from is still in business so no warranty...Anyway i cant afford a new driver or new light yet so im out and scrapping growing and this hobby...for at least a few years till its legal.
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  15. I suggest purchasing a different driver. Meanwell has gone downhill fast. I've had 3 failed meanwell drivers in the past year.
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