Grounding Plants With Ground Wire (DIY EARTHANDGROW)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cockroach, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Has anybody tried this? Some say it's ingenious and makes all the perfect sense. Ever wondered why plants grown indoors die at 86 degrees and plants grown outdoors thrive 90+ degree weathers? Some accuse the lack of electromagneticism. Derived conceptually from High Times October 2012 issue, I read an article written about's newest and certainly innovative product... grounding plants with ground wire plugged directly from your electrical outlet. Yes, you read me right.

    Go check out Earth & Grow | Reconnect Your Plants to the Earth if you wish.

    Gambling on this idea, I was convinced by the testimonials and had to try to make my own ground wiring for my 6 plants growing just 2 weeks shy from flowering. I used 14 solid copper wire and a plug oulet that you can screw in from home depot, hooked up 6 lines of copper directly to the plug's ground prod and hoped that this concept works just as well. Just ensure that you're not making any use of neutral or hot prods of the outlet, otherwise, they'd electrocute your plants dead. So prior sticking them in the pot, I tongue-tested them and felt no zap of electricity.

    Been only a day used on this concept and I could swear for alot of new green leaf development already growing.

    Strains (Barneys Farm):
    Critical Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Pineapple Chunk
    Pineapple Chunk, Critical Kush, Critical Kush

    Nutrients: Fox Farms Big Bloom and Grow Big on ph tested water, alongside with occasional Cal-Mag.

    Lighting. 6 t-5 4 feet long 56k each with supplmental 25 cfl blubs placed below the canopy.


    ... so has anybody tried this or am I the only one trying out this idea? This certainly could be groundbreaking.

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  2. Keep Us posted please. This is the first I've heard of This. I will do some reading. Thanks for the Info.
  3. Also, to ensure that your outlet's ground is left open, you can buy a relatively cheap electrical outlet tester that you can plug in. Costs only 3-4 bucks (saw them both in Wal Mart and Home Depot), and what the device does is detect if your ground is left open (intact to earth) and that your neutral slot is open as well. It's a great way to detect and know if the ground port of your outlet is functioning the way it's suppose to, neverminding the neutral and hot slots.

    120 VAC Outlet Tester; 1/clam, 5 clams/master-GRT-3500 at The Home Depot

    Basically, you don't pay a cent on electricity for this sort of project and have read reports of yields twice more than un-grounded plants.
  4. I guess...? Mods, if you can, please relocate this post to the "Advanced Growing Technique" forum to further encourage this type of discussion. Anybody else interested to share their thoughts?

    It's been day two on my part and my plants are looking healthy, if not healthier, and far from sick. I noticed that the leaves under the canopy that were once yellowing due to the lack of light now have regained some of their color back. It's interesting and the plants seem to enjoy it. All I can say is that I am very happy that none of the ladies have died in the making of this project... so far.
  5. Very interesting and seems like could be the missing link to true indoor organics :) lol

    A bit skeptical of the claims made by a few companies selling setups like " no extra fertilizers needed" or the likes

    But I defiantly am interested and will begin reading :)

    Ty for the tip off and thinking you could "unplug" one plant and do a comparison with pics ext. and pave the way,, I'd check ur progress for shure
  6. this sounds awesome

    any way to make our girls grow better is....better!

    i wonder how you could get this set up in hydro style grows....

    oh wait, found the answer on their website:

    Q: Does Earth & Grow work with all soil types?
    A: Earth & Grow works with all soil and soilless mediums including coco / coir and rockwool cubes. For wood chips, sand, stone and clay pebbles, make sure the tip of the soil probe is in direct contact with the plant’s roots.

    man, i should try this...i just started up two nearly identical clones from the same mom of course...could do a side by side really easily
  7. ^ that would be a great experiment worth subbing too. Just sayin.
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    It's been day 3 and absolutely no yellowing whatsoever in the lower level of the canopy, typically... I'd find one or two small leaves that just died on its own and fell to the soil level of these 5 gal buckets. So far, I've found no dead leaf. It's kinda amazing to say. Even crowded deep into the corner of my tent, there's leaves thriving as if it's getting light as compared to those 2 inches away from t-5. I suspect that grounded wire IS helping my plants sustain life with or without direct sunlight, indoor lights, supplemental lights, these leaves are getting the attention needed from electromagneticism, somehow.... not exactly growing in insane numbers but, it's beefing up, that's for sure/ Photos soon to come.

    Obstar, I'd do the same thing if I were you. I just didn't want to uneven my canopy and decided to ground them all, so far so good. I was so convinced and compelled by to come to think of it, my move was a stupid move, I should've done 3 plants vs 3 ungrounded plants. But hell.

  9. You fucking lost me at this part bro. You seriously fucking tongue tested a standard 15 amp 120 volt circuit? You realize simply touching both leads will nail you hard enough for you to regret doing it. Please, don't ever lick a house lead ever.

    If you're going to make claims with trying something new, it's best to have a good sample size and a side by side grow. It's hard to tell if something works if you don't have anything to compare it to. A good experiment would grow from similar sized clones in same size pots with same feed regimen. Then, just plug one group in and leave the other without it. Grow and compare! It'd be an interesting experiment if the results were obvious. Otherwise, you would be able to unplug your other plants.
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    It's ground, I've already touched them with my finger tips and figured that my tongue could detect the smallest amount of electricity. I felt none. Don't jump to conclusions my friend. If you haven't realized, NO amount of electricity was used. I did not plug into the neutral or hot leads of the socket as they're both completely untapped.

    I would un ground my plants but I just don't want any disappointment on my part, especially with the ungrounded plants. Plants are growing great, more fuller I'd say, I touched the soil and the water retention is unusually higher, I water 6 plants with 4 gallons of water on a 3 day basis, it's the third day and the soil (ocean forest) is still a bit moist moist. Run off was literally flowing out maybe 3 to 4 cups at first feeding (equally), marking ph levels at 5.9.

    I thought it was also interesting for to encourage less use of fertilizers, if they knew their products were bunk, they'd recommend same levels of feeding. Such a gamble on their part as a lie could leave alot of angry consumers. Which really was the reason for me to take such a gamble, this entire aspect, literally does make sense.

    Will not unplug it, I'll leave the comparisons to someone else, it's a cheap project. I'm happy with mine so far. I must say.
  11. I am very intrigued with this. Sounds logical to me.
  12. i am sub'd you have caught my attention
  13. Wow, EarthandGrow, thanks for coming in here sharing with us the same kind of enthusiasm that all members here share regarding horticulture and plant life, particularly with your in dept knowledge concerning electromagnetism. I was extra-relieved knowing that I didn't exactly set my plants up for failure or for my own sense of disappointment, thanks for the re-affirmations on my part. After reading High Time's 4 or 5-page coverage, I knew that EarthandGrow's product wasn't something that was meant to be scooted aside, this was something revolutionary, and it'd be insane for anybody not to give this concept a try. Because much like yourself, I, too, had no idea just why all the plants grown indoors required the extra attention, watering, and fertilizing all the while plants outside grew just fine... even with added years of enduring dog piss. It's perplexing to say the most.

    Also, in terms of grounding plants and over-fertilizing, it's true, I have noticed that my plants are now a little more sensitive to heat (maybe not so?) and especially nutrients. Using the same feeding levels and nutrients, on the third day, my plants exemplified some nutrient burns on the fan leaves end with some white tips, that didn't concern me much but... when it came to one of my Pineapple Chunk, who was ALREADY suffering from magnesium deficiency on and off. Exemplified much burn. I used Epom Salt and foliar sprayed that baby, the brown spots ceased to appear and the greening color returned. I'm trying to figure out if it's only the nutrients or it's because the plants were growing less than 2 inches away from the t-5 lights... just as I've always done without much issue.

    This time around, when I grounded my plants, it seems as if the nutrient potency I fed is magnetized and your plants DON'T really require much but besides water and ph balanced water. The next time I will try only half of the nutrients as that would be wise to the next person attempting this project out. However, this is great news because my plants are looking beastly I must say, all the lower branch nodes grew to the top of my main stem without a problem, very, very little dying leaves under the canopy, and I can feel that something right is going on here.. I can't wait to harvest these babies after optimal flowering... and grounding.

    Thanks EarthandGrow for sharing, especially with one's stroke of genius concerning ground wires. Awesome. Just awesome.
  14. [​IMG]


    For some reason, isn't accepting my image attachments (which already has been sized down to suit), so here's another way of doing it. Sorry if the quality isn't as great. It's been officially day 3 and I still find a smile on my face.

  15. You still put your tongue on a wire that was going into an outlet. That's not a very good idea in any manner. It's similar to looking down the barrel of a firearm, just don't do it.

    This post is starting to sound a bit like a plug for their products. It's odd to see a person with 50 posts come in with something like this, then the manufacturer also comes in. Not saying it isn't true, but it's starting to look like an Ad for EarthandGrow.

    I'm not sure I'm sold. There aren't any real solid claims or actual experiment data. So for now, I'm still skeptical.
  16. You know, you're starting to sound even more stupid than I thought you were to begin with, instead of following up on a study, a new concept, for which... you can easily make yourself under 20 bucks, you emphasize the significance of my own behavior licking on a ground wire or that it's all a big, gigantic plug for EarthandGrow's latest product, dude... do me a favor, go pull out this month's High Time, and see that article they wrote? Sure to be a plug too.

    I don't know where this is going in terms of your reasoning but you lost me here (funny how I lost you from licking ground wire?). Other than that... okay mom, I'll try not to tinker around with electrical sockets. Stupid.
  17. haha keep it up man im sub'd. thanks for sharing this
  18. Explain to me how I ground my hydroponic plants.

    It seems that you're convinced that this works based on your own experience. For it to have any proof that it did work will take a little more than hearsay. Hell, it may actually work but without an actual controlled experiment and data it doesn't have any credibility.

    It's purely hearsay no matter how much you like it or not. Even the figures posted by EarthandGrow didn't have any backup evidence.

    Wouldn't writing an article in High Times for a business BE a plug?

    Any claim should be followed up with evidence that can be replicated with the same results.
  19. If you read so much why didnt you see it say for hydro it must touch the root system to work?
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    ohspyro, alright... I'm just surprised that you're playing skeptic at a time and innovation like this, especially with university studies taking part, how can you be so objective? I'm just waiting for whatever it is that you're trying to prove here. My tongue's fine. My plants are healthy. I'm just sorry... actually, to understand that someone like you is trying to instigate such conspiracy with ground wires. Now, if it came to LEDs and 1ks of cash, I would understand if one is susceptible to hold onto one's wallet for further clarification, avoiding potential "hearsay" like you would say... but this sort of concept isn't asking for your money, it's cheap, unless you'd like to purchase from for your conveinence... which appears to be your best of choice, you wouldn't want to get electrocuted, now would you? Also, you CAN ground your hydroponically grown plants, not only such ground wire will stimulate your plant of interest, it stimulates proximal plants as well. Not by much but if you look at the blogs of, you'll see a ground wire running up to a glass of water implanted with Basil. I would, too, think soil would probably make a better growing medium, acting as a passive buffer for electromagneticism to travel through... but I could be wrong.

    ... but again... no active electricity... I'm starting to think that we're looking at two different things here and I'm still not sure what it is that you're looking at. Whatever increases my level of THC (twice the yield I read, with tomato plants), is welcomed to me with my open arms. Especially with my next set of seeds?

    Critical Kush (clone), Pineapple Kush (clone), Sweet Tooth, LSD, Blue Cheese, and Buddha Tahoe Og? Whatever floats your boat, just stop being mommy next time.
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