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Ground vs Nug?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by H4Boxer, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. So I am questioning my toking ritual for the first time. I primarily grind my bud up before loading into a bowl. Although for the last few days I have just been breaking little pieces off full nugs and throwing them in my bowl.

    It seems as if I am getting more bong rips off just throwing nug chunks in the bowl rather than grinding it first. I can just start pulling on the bong and let the lighter touch the weed and it will start milking up.

    I'm pondering the idea of just getting one of the pollen boxes for the keif and saying good riddens to the grinder.

    What is everyone else's opinion??
  2. I prefer to grind it for that more even burn.
  3. With nugs you tend to get more out of the weed, CBD's THC and such, before you snap the bowl, you'll get higher off less but the hits later on will taste more ashy. Grinding it lets the bowl snap real easily without a screen but the bud burns faster and you get super stoned quickly. I'm pretty happy with grinding by myself and nugs when I'm in a group. Conserve weed.
  4. I like to break it up. My dad and a lot of other old schoolers I know just break off a little chunk for a 1 hit and just torch it. I've tried it and it works just the same if not better than cherrying the bowl, nothing is lost as far as taste/potency and you get the same milk if not better from torching the weed because you're filling the chamber with less air which is needed to make the cherry work.
  5. Hah your picture had me lol. "Doctor say i need a backiatomy"

    Yeah thats exactly what i was thinking. I can pull out about 2-3 more rips, i think im going to actually weigh the bud for ground&chunks and try to come to a conclusion.

    If i can rememberto do it..
  6. Small nug to cover the hole, pressed ground bud on top of it. That is the way my friends.
  7. Of coarse your getting more rips, don't break it up at all and you'll get even more. Why take more rips when you can take less with more thc in each hit
  8. I always drop ground bud when trying to put in a bowl, it's nice my first when I don't have Parkinson's but after that I'm retarded
  9. I rather grind my bud, the way I see it, if you grind .5, and smoke it, or just stick a .5 bud in the bowl and smoke it, you'll get the same thing out of it. Only difference is I'd be able to finish the ground bowl and relax way faster then if I smoked the bud.

    I think the reason people get more hits is because the bud is more dense and doesn't burn as well, but in the end you end up smoking the same amount.
  10. Thing is I haven't noticed a decrease in my level of highness. Seems like i get just as blazed but I can take a rip, set it down, come back and take another rip without having to pack a new bowl so frequent.
  11. An even burn is where it's at. More lighter fluid is used when I try to get the little buds to cherry
  12. [quote name='"H4Boxer"']

    Thing is I haven't noticed a decrease in my level of highness. Seems like i get just as blazed but I can take a rip, set it down, come back and take another rip without having to pack a new bowl so frequent.[/quote]

    Oh fer sure, I usually like to take fat rips, especially when with other ppl, but if I'm playing Xbox or something its nice to take a hit between games and what not

  13. Yes! This is how its done
  14. i guess it depends on how big the fucking nug is but either way id rather grind. if i just go with nugs then i get to much air on the pull for my liking.
  15. I prefer grinding when I use a glass screen or something. I'd do it way more often, but I'm lazy and usually just toss a nug in the bowl then go to town.
  16. Fist sized nugs

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