Grossest phrase you can think of?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by What'sThatSmell, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Start it up..

    Crusty Cunt Gunk
  2. thats what i was gonna say
  3. Soggy Beef Curtains
  4. Swampy, sweaty, soggy ballsack

    Wet, splatterly, liquid shit

  5. Ew fucking nasty, nice.
  6. ^lol dunno it just popped into my head
  7. Dog-shit taco!!
    Bloody, frozen tampon popsicle.
  8. Bloody Brown boiling Rot Festering butthole
  9. HAHA. That made me laugh.
  10. Big, Floppy, Donkey Dick.
  11. how is that gross?

    JK lol
  12. barbera streisand

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  13. fuzzy roast beef

    ....use your imagination.
  14. "piss out of my ass all over kyle's mom's face"" - cartman :laughing:
  15. Im not sure but im getting really sick of your cunt flappery.
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    Hairy elephant teets. Covered with sliced banana chips.
  17. Anal fruitshake bukkake orgy FTW.

    Google it and you tell me.
  18. My old roomate was into death metal and a line from one of the songs was something along the lines of:
    "Rip out your uterus and eat it"

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