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  1. Heres one I heard.

    This girl and guy were trying to have some sex, but for some reason she wasnting getting wet so they hunted around for something to lube up with.

    They found sumthing and went at it...had the sex and went about their lives till a few days latter the girl started having orgasims for no reason at all.

    Well she thought it was weird but fun, she decided to check it out anyways so she goes to her doc. and asks about her sexual history she tells him and he tells her to hop on up so he can take alook.

    She gets up there spreads her legs in the stirups and what do you think the doc sees..

    MAGGOTS...turns out they used mayonnaise to lube up which contained bacteria hence the worms....

    now I dont know if this was true or not but I found it pretty sick.

    anyone else got a gross story
  2. Lets see, maggots stimulating a young woman to orgasm. Were they doing oral?:rolleyes:
    I'm just kind of interested in the logistics here.
  3. Uh... what?
  4. I highly doubt it. Seeing as the vagina is a pretty direct route to the bloodstream and extremely sensitive to toxins....I would expect her to be sick as fuck, if not dead from TSS and probably PID due to poisonous spoiled mayo.
  5. Probably a fake....
  6. i dont think i could top that
  7. LMAO I GOT ONE! This just happened tonight when I was smokin a blunt with some of my friends in the alleyway in our car.

    So my friend goes to the gym and lifts a lot of weight, he takes it seriously. So seriously that he takes a lot of pre-workout supplements and pro-hormones and shit. (basically steroids and and unhealthy gym shit)

    So as our blunt is being rolled, his fuckin' doctor calls him up, and outta the blue he just starts talkin "oh well I have lactated out of my nipples before, and I have pooped out bowls of blood." Telling his doctor all of this shit haha. That he was never so happy to see "black diahrrea before in his life" whenever he wasn't pooping blood out.

    Then we were driving around the neighborhood stoned afterwards, and we were all so zooted we went to burger king, got 25 dollars worth of food and then went to mcdonalds right after and bought 2 20 piece nuggets. We threw a nugget in some guys open car window as we drove passed him and sped off. Hah.

    Then we all called it a night.
  8. A psych patient jacked off and jizzed into his hand, then smeared it on the camera. You could see it sliding down. He also used to throw jizz on the nurses, so they had to gown up (gown, eye protection, mask) everytime they unlocked the door.

    Some old 94 year old lady with dementia took off her colostomy bag and ate her poo. As we were throwing restraints on her, she kept trying to spit poo at us. My partner got it in his mouth. It smelled horrible, like old people large intestine. I would imagine it tastes worse.

    A female homeless hepatitis patient puked blood onto my neck, inner vest and uniform. I got tested anyways and luckily didn't contract anything.

    A guy last year on a different team was searching belongings and his finger got pricked by an uncapped needle in a jacket pocket. He contracted HIV.

    I've had every single type of body fluid on me.

    A seagull pooped once and it landed in my mouth while I was walking.
  9. That story sounds fake.

    There was however an incident where a crazy chick put rotten meat into her vagina and had maggots inside her. Said she got off to it pretty hard. It ended up fucking her up really bad though.
  10. [quote name='"Mogwai"']That story sounds fake.

    There was however an incident where a crazy chick put rotten meat into her vagina and had maggots inside her. Said she got off to it pretty hard. It ended up fucking her up really bad though.[/quote]

    Gross but sorta hot. Crazy chicks are always the best lay.
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    I'm guessing that the whole ordeal wrecked her vagina though. The chick wrote a fairly lengthy report or whatever you'd call it on the situation. She talked a good bit about why she did it, how it felt, and the aftermath as well as the fallout it all caused between her and her family/friends. It was all pretty interesting in a strange way. You could definitely tell bitch was crazy though

    I wish I could remember where to find the piece but it has been so long since I've read it

    Even if her vag is fucked (lawlz) you could hit from behind yo
  12. I remember like almost 3 years ago on Grasscity some poor soul posted this gross (yet funny) story on Facebook. For some odd reason I still have it saved on my computer. I can't say I remember what thread it was from, but still, enjoy! I lol to it just about every time:

    So, i drive over to her place, walk into her house, say hello and head straight to the bedroom.

    It was fucking awsome. As soon as she walks in she says "It ain't gonna be that easy"

    All i said was "No, i know, come here"

    We talk for about 5 minutes, she says that she's been on the toilet for the majority of the day getting ready for this. She then walks out of the room, grabs 2 beer's, walks into the bedroom and the fun begins.

    She blow's me, a little bit later i start eating her out. NOW...The whole "Bowel" Problem wasn't really an issue last night...But uh...Shit gets kinda crazy later. The only real problem was when i was eating her out she farted and it smelled really fucking bad and was SO embarrased...I felt quite bad, but after i fucked her the first time she was more than over it.

    I brought eight condom's with me when i went there. I now have none, to give you a little insight on how that went. I don't know how long we fucked for, but i had 4 condoms left when we were done and i was just fuckin' doneski's. We did a shitload of positions and at one point were doing doggy style, something i told myself i wouldn't do considering her...Condition, lol, but it ended up not really being a problem.

    She did fart a couple times but she was just lovin' it...And so for her sake i powered through it. Each time she farted i just about lost it though. Had to keep myself mentally in the game, which was a challenge when it smells like shit.

    SO ANYWAYS...We both wake up, have a shower...She gives me head in the shower, yadda yadda yadda, Let's get to the juicy part here...Uggh

    We're banging on her table and i start getting my rythm really going until my balls start slapping against the edge of the table, which, if you haven't experienced that before, HURTS LIKE FUCK.

    Now, keep in mind i'm here to fuck. She was on the toilet for a combined hour probably throughout the day until about noon. I kept rushing her little bit's by little bit's, since last night wasn't all that bad. I thought her bed sheet's would be brown by the end of the night and i was impressed, which was a bad decision, actually scratch that, a messy and horrible decision.

    So, we get off the table and at one point i got her against the wall. I got the whole heel thrust goin' and everything and she is fucking LOVING IT. I was too, but i couldn't go as fast as i wanted too, she was a little tight.

    So, she tells me to go harder...And as i start to go harder she let's out this MOAN. Not just any kind of moan. I listening to her moan all fucking night and this moan was on another level. I knew in the back of my head she was about to shit.

    I feel this COLD SPLASH against my feet and i look down and there is little bit's of watery shit ALL OVER THE WALL, ALL OVER MY FEET...All over the floor. It took like 3 seconds to register and i just yelled "WHAT THE FUCK!"

    She run's off and leave's a watery shit trail behind to the bathroom. As soon as she slams the door i can here her like full blown crying hysterically. Im running to the master bedroom where the other bathroom is, jump in the shower absolutely freaking out. I wash my feet and my legs, dry off and head to the bathroom to deal with this mess.

    I head to the bathroom door, i ask her if she's ok..."GO HOME!". We argue for like 5 minutes and i can just tell she's not coming out. I clean all the shit in the kitchen, tell her it's clean and leave. I am not cleaning the shit carpet or her shit trail.

    I get home, have a shower, hit my boxing bag for like an hour, have another shower and have a quick nap.

    I think i might be mentally scarred by You have no idea how hard it was for me to put down that "lol"

    Was it worth it? Fuck no.

    Will i tell anybody? Maybe in the distant future.

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