Gross Drunk Moment

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  1. Last night i was at my buddies party and i'm just walking around drunk mingling with people. And i walk passed the bathroom and just happen to glance over.

    There's this 20-something year old dude who just got done peeing in the toilet and is zipping up (didn't flush) then gets on his knees and pukes in the toilet.

    And i guess he was wearing a retainer and when he puked it came out of his mouth and went in the toilet. He then proceeded to remove the puke and urine covered retainer and put it back into his mouth.

    Now i know he was drunk, but still man come on that's just plain disgusting.
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    I've vomited into a shit filled toilet, which made me vomit even more, like an endless cycle of seeing shit and puke and being grossed out. I wasn't drunk though, I was like eight years old.

    That dude sounds nasty, but urine is supposed to be sterile... and the vomit was already also in his mouth... so... y'know.
  3. so he basically pissed in his own mouth

    oh come on! who hasn't done that when drunk from time to time?

    hahaha jk thats nasty

  4. [ame=]‪poor kennys dad‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

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