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    currently am playing Reggastep for my plants & i feel like i can see them growing in front of me

    (the playlist ^^)
    some people call it... GANJA!!!!!!
    how do you all think my lil' buddies look?


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  2. rock on man. I would maybe take the one in the bigger black pot and bury it further down, like all the way to the cotyledons. but they look good keep it up. A lot of people play music for their plants, I don't but if I did dubstep and all its various forms would be my choice, and a little Mozart maybe. lol.
  3. obsessed with this song now, i play it for my plants alllllllll the time lol
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    music is good for plants it produces auxins which is a grow hormone for plants to get max auxin production music wise is dubstep or skrillex but if you want max auxin production science wise 5000hz sinewave frequency is ment to be best for plants :)

    high frquency notes are good
    so edm is good
    classical is ok
    rock/heavey metal is not good

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