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Grommet vs. GonG

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by zxzDarkCloudzxz, May 27, 2010.

  1. i feel silly looking at glass on gromet ashcatchers. They have like 9mm thinass downstems and just feel fragile and awkward on any pipe. Glass on glass is the most upgradable, and stable, widely accepted standard for joint technology. And gong is very affordable these day
  2. 18.8 glass fitting 100% no exceptions air tight fits in Australian sized grommets. It hits IDENTICALLY to a GonG joint. All it is is a hole to the chamber for a stem... how could it be different?!?!?! It's all aesthetic and personal preference.

    I still prefer to have GonG, but to argue that a grommeted setup with a GonG stem air tighted in hits any differently? That literally is insane.
  3. Could somebody post a picture of one of these "aussie style" slides?

    Edit: I think I'm getting that it's just a hole on the bong for the slide to go through instead of a joint sticking out?

  4. I agree with this.
    The rubber seal is not even close to airtight. And maybe I just have sensitive taste buds, but I can taste the rubber when I hit a piece with a grommet.
  5. That's like saying you can taste the sticker on the bottom of your cup water, or you can taste the label through your bottle of soda...
  6. i have a grommet style bong too, i know the blower and have had no air issues...hits just like any other bong.
  7. in wine you can taste subtle differences with things like using metal parts, using charred barrels. So yeah, there should be a different taste. Especially when you can clean your bong but you cany clean your grommet. GonG is THE bong, if you dont have one its probobly price that has you down or you're not that into smoking. Whatever the reason is, GonG is just better because of very small details that doesn't make a grommet unusable for some. Personally I taste the gross ass shit that gets stuck in the pores of the grommet. I have tasted the rubber with those black grommets though, and if you want to call me a liar you're being ignorant.
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    That's because those metal parts or barrels are coming in contact with the wine.

    If you don't replace the 15cent o-ring/grommet every so often then of course it's able to hold some stink, and if you pull hard enough through the bong I'm sure you can taste some of it...

    You're not tasting rubber, you're tasting the resin/tar that's leeched into it over time. Unless you were using a material that really isn't meant for food/consumption.

    If you've got rubber seal and you don't want to taste anything bad, spend the extra few cents on o-rings every time you clean your piece.

    You'll spend more on iso/grunge off than you will on a handfull of extra grommets/o-rings from any hardware store, and if you let it get dirty enough to complain about tasting it, it's the owner/user that's faulty, not the slide...
  9. I can taste the difference in clean and dirty with 1 hit. From glass stems and bowls to brass stems and bowls. From acrylic to glass. I can taste when I light with anymore than about 2 seconds with bic, can taste the lighter fluid. They all have taste differences... EXCEPT GROMMETS!!!

    Using that logic, using a rubber carb stopper would flavour it too.

    There is just no difference.

    The Aussie style is just bigger, that's all. I've seen US style grommets, I've also seen plenty of pics of tiny stems with GonG joints, made for the small grommet fittings.
  10. Your trying to argue that converting a grommet to gong makes it air tight? No one here is denying that... but when you convert a grommet to a gong downstem and bowl its not a grommet anymore. What everyone is saying is glass on glass is 100% air tight with way better flow and less drag then grommets. A real grommet does not have the same flow or air tightness of a glass on glass.

  11. Whaaaaaat? I want some of what you're smoking. :p

    I've hit literally dozens of grommet bongs in my life, and the first time I hit a GonG I was very impressed by how much more air tight it was.

    I actually haven't even used any of my grommet bongs since I got a GonG... I feel kind of bad for them, sitting there all unused. :(
  12. yeah once i went GonG, i never looked back:cool:

    but i just fucked up my nice tube so i had to resort to my grommet bongs... and after an extended period of neglect i found them to be a pleasant "re-addition" to my arsenal of daily smoking devices....
    in other words... the seem to fuck me up pretty goooood;)
  13. You should put a poll on this thread so people can vote. Personally I like GonG.
  14. You bring up some point's i've pondered as well cloud. Everyone's so anti grommet, but one solidly built, well functioning grommet bong could change it all.

  15. Exactly. Theres no smoke or water coming into contact with the grommet, so how can it hit any different:confused:

    I don't know what your talking about buddy. All my grommets have been %100 airtight, no doubt.
  16. It's a pointless debate. Either one gets you high. Just like both a Mercedes and a Ford will get you where you want to go. For those with a but more disposable income, spending more for a better built and slightly better functioning tool is a no brainer. My first bong and one that I have used for almost 4 years had a shitty rubber grommet. It's ugly it gets dirty and is crap quality. But it got me high and didn't cost much. I recently upgraded to more serious glass (möbius strato matrix and sg king stemline). They get me high and there is definitely an improvement in performance but very pricey. To me, it's worth it. To others, it's not. Who cares as long as you are enjoying yourself!
  17. there definately are high end grommets
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    high end grommy:


    no rubber problem with airtightness...rips better than most rigs. krunk.
  19. GonG is better than grommet. Period.

    That said, grommet bongs are perfectly fine functioning pieces. Currently I have both a grommet bong and a GonG bong. While my GonG definitely hits harder and fucks me up more, I still use my grommet regularly. My grommet bong has a smaller bowl, so I save a considerable amount of weed when I use it.
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  20. you shouldn't spread misinformation, concerning a matter of opinion.

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