Grommet vs. GonG

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  1. i dont think i have ever tasted the rubber in my grommet bongs. i also find they work entirely the same. but thats me and my experience with creating my own, and buying grommet glass from other artists.
    dont let anyone fool you into thinking theres a difference in smoke taste. as for airtightness? maybe once when i tipped the glass over did a lil bit of water 'drip' out.
    i have never heard the suction sound come out from the rubber seal alerting me of it not being air tight.
    i have 3 grommet style tubes.
    as for the milk-ability, is only because of the smaller stem diameter. theya re offered "usually" in 9 and 12mm. ut i dont see why a blower has to put a ground joint on a glass rod. know what i mean?
    the size of teh grommet is whats limiting anyone from making a grommet style 18mm,, tho i suppose if you found 'ABC' gum, that woudl work just as well.
    they tend to chug too,, but thats also because its rare to find a diffused stem.
    nothing a local artist couldnt help you with anyway.. na'mean?
    hopefully this post clears up GROMMET vs GONG confusion
  2. True, I have a grommet bong and haven't really noticed a difference.
    Also before people start saying china glass, mine is thick with an ash catcher and ice pinch.
    Although it is a bit hard to get glass on glass where I live.
  3. Sorry to be negative but, can't stand grommet bongs to save my life. :bongin:
  4. dear is there only 3grommet style tube exist ?
    because haven't much knowledge about them.

  5. i prefer glass on glass.
  6. My current bong uses a grommet then the diffused downstem then GonG ashcatcher + slider. I've had no problems in regards to air tightness I also quite like the setup insures keeps my downstem firmly in place.
  7. The only difference is aesthetic. They function fine.
  8. I'm glad someone else sees it the same way as me.
    Wheather it's a Roor or some china glass, as long as your smoking dank you'll get high.

    (Although I must admit, my bong would look so much better if it were glass on glass)

  9. wow the only difference is NOT aesthetic. Drag, cleaning, ability to swap out parts, the airtightness of the seal, all of these are very different. I really don't know how you would think the only difference is looks. :confused:
  10. Very wrong.... :rolleyes: Gong is a much smoother pull rather than, from what i have experienced, the long milks that grommets get, they tend to be more draggy too. But thats what happens when your bowl is attached to the stem.
  11. .... no they hit identically. You must have only used shitty seals? That's all it does, it air tight seal the stem. How can it possibly do a different job?!?!?

    18.8 GonG joints perfectly air tight fit the Aussie style grommets. There is no difference at all sticking a GonG stem in a grommet and using it. It hits IDENTICALLY. How could it possibly be smoother?!?!?
  12. I have two pretty awesome functioning grommet bongs and neither of them hit as hard or as easily as my gong tube

    the actual grommet does not affect the performance of a bong.. hell AK uses grommets right?

    its the seal you get when you use those slides that come with any grommet piece
  13. GonG bongs are so much better then grommets its like night and day. Having a bong that is 100% air tight makes hitting it so much better and being able to customize it with showerheads and diffusers make the hit so much smoother then a grommet. My first bong was a grommet and the day i bought my first glass on glass tube i never looked back i haven't hit it since the day i went GonG.

  14. i have a diffy in my straight grommet bong... it works insanely well with diffusor beads as well
  15. i notice nothing....but grommet is not my "style" my friend owned one broke the downstem and then broke the bong and he moved to GonG.
  16. Because chinese people can't make ash catchers and ice pinches...LOL
  17. Grommet often has a BETTER seal, the seal thing is just made up, honestly.... Ground glass joints are air tight, when used in labaratory situations with a lubricant to finish the seal. A dry GonG smoking joint is NOT air tight, you can cover the bowl on any high end bong, rip it, and hear/feel the air coming in. Just a little bit, and it doesn't hurt the smokability any for the amount it leaks, but don't believe that crap, it's not quite as good a seal.

    The difference is that grommets are nasty rubber that absorbs bong water, charred crap, can melt, WILL wear out at some point, often by tearing/cracking after a while. Glass on glass, by comparison, could be pulled out of a sealed undisturbed box in ten thousand years and it would hit like the day it was made.

    Also, grommet tubes are USUALLY not diffused, simply for the sake of cheapness, and it's very easy to break parts when trying to push them in or pull them out when replacing the seals, so not a good idea for high quality of value tubes.
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  18. No. GonG is 100% air tight i don't know what you are talking about. If your gong isn't then its probably defective i just tried it on my RooR and there is no air leaking when i put my thumb over the hole.. Gong without a doubt has a far better seal then grommet.

  19. yeah dude... if you can cover up the holes and there is still air leakage... its def. not high end
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    You don't have to use mineral oil or other sealants on glass on glass laboratory equipment. If you want though you can just add a drop of water and twist the downstem. I have found brands like Koch, Gear and red eye glass to not be airtight but my ADS is fine. A bong downstem has an inch of glass to creat a seal, thats 5x the amount you need for laboratory study without a sealant.
    Grommets ely on 4 pieces of the bong to be perfectly shaped and sized (the bong hole, grommet, downstem and slide, there also might be another ring around the slide) whereas GonG has 3 and has a much better reputation for makig things precise.

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