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  1. This is my first hydroponic grow. I have done all kind of research and stumbled upon this the other day. This person started off in the A OK grodan starter plugs. After he had established roots in the A OK plugs he placed the plugs into some bigger grodan blocks. I was just wondering if there is any advantage to this? If so what is it? Has anyone tried this?

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  2. I used to clone in 1.5" rockwool cubes then insert them into the holes in 4" cubes and place them onto a flood table full of clay pebbles. The roots grow thru the cubes and down into the pebbles on the flood table. Works just fine.
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  3. Is there any benefit to doing it that way?

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  4. It all depends on your setup. Worked well for me at the time while I was cloning in domed trays
  5. I am running a DWC system with 400 watt MH. Thanks for the input deman.

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  6. I live Rockwool for cloning but man it really holds a lot of water- even in DWC I don't like how wet they get so I try to not use them as much, seems to cause some root rot issues if you do not be careful. Make sure to squeeze out all the access water so they are just damp, not soaked.

    It just makes cloning easier imo, no real advantage beside fast rooting clones. It's inert and has no nutrients, so it must be used in combination with something else

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