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  1. Okay, yes. I'm actually drunk and super high right now, but your best bet is to start a new thread with these questions so that somebody besides myself can help. I'm really in no condition to give good advice on how to set something up that will suit your specific needs. Guaranteed you will get a ton of responses on a new thread, myself included when I wake up with a clear mind. Sorry, but it's late where I am adn I'm done for the night.


    Nothing is Easy

    :rolleyes: Jethro Tull
  3. Clear the closet, Throw up some flat white paint, lay down some protective plastic, wire up your lights and rock and roll.:hello:
  4. Spacejerk has a good idea, i'm not a fan of flat paint because it's not as easy to clean as panda film. I got a 50'x25' roll of panda film online for 15bucks. you can staple it or tape it up on the walls.

  5. What brand do you use?

  6. I went with sun hut.

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