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  1. Anyone have any good information on Gro-tents?
  2. Expensive but keep ev thing pest free
  3. Stick with brand names like Jardin etc.
    Some of the off brands, especilly on ebay have terrible zippers, poorly constructed and lack the proper amount and size of vent holes needed.
    Make sure it is not made of a interior material that will emit toxic odors that will kill plants....

  4. Thanks.
    I'll keep it in mind.

    Shit on amazon looks pretty good. Company called Sky Enterprises is turning em out pretty cheap.
  5. Watch out for the cheap ones. I bought a cheap one..gonna replace it this summer.

    Cheap ones have these issues.

    Zipper has no cloth cover on the outside. When I turn the lights off I can see the light from my HPS lamp leak all out. So to solve that I took Gorilla Duct tape since it sticks alot better and duck taped all the zippers .. real pain in the ass since I am in flowering. I go through alot of duct tape. Then I cover it all with sheets and towels.

    On cheap tents the vent sleeves are shit. Mine say 6 inchs but the fabric that its made from is very stiff. I had to go down to 4 inch ducting to get them to slip through. Another thing that blows is on the large vent flaps that I open up when my ladies are awake...once again no fabric covers like over the edges so light leaks out. I use duct tape on those to and towels.

    The local hydro store here has Jardins and they rock. I was amazed looking at them the quality of construction. No light whatsoever leaks out and the sleeves are stretchy so a 6 inch hole fits a 6 inch fan.

    The biggest issue with cheap ones is the light leak issue. I read in my MJ book I bought that in clinical tests roughly 2 minutes of light leaking in on a flowering MJ plant can disrupt the whole flowering process. 2 min is not alot of time. You have to have complete darkness and cheap ones do not allow that..I know from experience since what I am using was very cheap..80 bucks for a 32x32x64.

    I am going to be turning my cheap one into a veggie tent. Only thing there good for in my opinion.
  6. i LOVE Gorilla tape AND glue!

  7. Right but cheap.


    Seen you around these threads.;)
    Youve got a great grow.
  8. I have purchased one similar to this [ame=] LED Wholesalers GYO1009 60-Inch x 48-Inch x 24-Inch Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    Same brand and have not had any problems. Of course it is not 100% light proof (some light emits near zipper) However you'll be hard pressed to get 100% even with top of the line. I zippered myself inside when I put it up and it was pitch black. So unless you have stadium lights glaring on it from the outside then you'll be fine.
    Hope this helps.
  9. Lots of good advice above, I use two tents right now that are name brand. The thing to know is that no tent is 100% light proof. You will have to use tape, I use aluminum foil tape to keep reflective factor up. I even go a little overboard and make extra overlap flaps out of panda film to cover the zippers just to be safe.
  10. Anyone know of any tents that would fit inside a closet?...
    That's in inches, too... Or should I just paint/cover the closet walls in tinfoil?
  11. Line the closets. Don't buy a tent.

  12. Thank you for answering so definitively. :) I appreciate the help! Would regular tinfoil work?
  13. It will, but you would benefit from panda film or mylar better. Panda film isn't as reflective but it's super cheap and is easier to clean. If you try to wipe down tin foil it'll rip easily. Keeping the room clean is very important.

  14. Ok... So, I find some of this mylar or panda film, and I line the inside of my closet door, the closet walls, and I can grow a few plants in there... say, some Autofems... And I just check on them, feed them as necessary, do the other needed stuff, and they grow?... What about ventilation and stuff like that? Why is this grow stuff so complicated? :p

  15. Reflective Mylar
  16. Oh boy, yes. Ventilation, lights, soil, hydro?, nutrients, all are important factors. You can get pretty far without worrying about too much of that but the quality will suffer unless you're on top of it.

  17. I especially like that you have "The Dude" as your pic
  18. was going to buy this exact tent on monday morning, thanks for the input

  19. is there a cost effective way to incorporate these things into a closet grow WITHOUT a premade grow box?

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