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  1. Hey all,

    Been reading a TON but first time posting in a while. I will definitely post up my plans in a bit but right now I'm trying to get everything ordered and I've come to grow tents. I have thoroughly researched and know the good brands for tents but I came across one on eBay called "GRN Elements". They look pretty sick and solid. 600D Oxford cloth coated with Mylar.

    Has anyone used this brand?

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    Was thinking same thing
  3. i went ahead and picked up a 4'x4' tent that is scheduled to arrive monday the 19th.
    i'll post back here with my review
  4. not a bad tent. it did take me a while to get it together, and it is a bit cumbersome doing it by yourself. three of the walls are removable to add on more tents if so inclined. the only thing is it a pain in the ass to get all the light leaks taken care of with three walls velcro'd on.
    $100 shipped and i can't really complain, just need to get brighter/more lights now.
  5. Thanks for the update man. I like that you have the option to expand. What'd you use for the light leaks, a lot of tape?
  6. no, just patience and an extra set of hands.
    it takes a while to get it just right, but its definitely worth the time it get it right.
  7. dope... I'm looking to pul the trigger on a tent myself... I was gonna order this

    but the vent holes are 4 inches and I am going with a 6' duct system.
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    [quote name='"Dre1136"']dope... I'm looking to pul the trigger on a tent myself... I was gonna order this
    Video Link:

    but the vent holes are 4 inches and I am going with a 6' duct system.[/quote]

    The description says 4" vent holes. I ordered that exact tent in January, and mine came with 6" vent holes. I saw somebody post that in a review somewhere and figured why not try and see, sure enough they were right. I am guessing they just never updated the description with amazon.
  9. After completing my first grow with this tent, I can't 100% recommend it. However, don't totally rule it out. below is my personal pro/con is by no means a comprehensive feature list.

    For a closet grow, dimensions are near perfect.
    Ample ports - 4 6", 2 4"
    Decent material
    Insert tray to catch water

    If you are obsessive about light leaks, you will spend some time with this one. I have issues mostly all around the zipper and some velcro bits (see previous post). It's not that bad, especially if you shut your closet at night. It is by no means unmanageable.
    2 ports are on the back and for me, that was the wall.
    Came with one 1-inch hole (ripped seam).
    After the first grow, I have a tear developing at one of the joints. This is likely a combo of cheaper material and the really snug fitting around the frame.

    If you are willing to work a little to make it right for you, its a good value buy. Just don't expect Secret Jardin at half the cost.

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