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  1. Does anyone know how I should approach a girl that I would like to have some fun with ? She smokes with me all the time and we will be all stoned and shit talking about random stuff ..any help would be appreciated
  2. Just go up to her when no one else is around and tell her you'd like to see if there couldn't be something more to your relationship. Tell her that you think you have feelings for her and you want to see how strong they are and if she feels the same at all.

  3. haha looks like you've had some time to think bout this!
  4. ya, I guess I think about it a lot. The girls I like are usually my friends, and they happen to be the friends I don't get to see much during the school year so I have time on my hands.
  5. Sorry, I can't help you out here.. I always wait until the girl comes to me (which isn't very often, but it does happen). Umm, try asking her if she is going to any concerts soon.. The girl I'm kinda with now is going to Ozzfest and so am I, that is how we started talking a lot.

  6. I tend to become friends with a lot of great girls and sometimes have feelings towards them but I usualy think it over and over again is this a girl that I'd like to be "together" with or is she more of the friend type 'cos I've screwed up some good friendships with girls by dating them 'cos when the more relationships comes to an end (if it does) there's usually not a big chance of going back to be friends.....
  7. I agree with you ubik, i mean ive said that me and my ex were going to be friends after we broke up and now all we have is a weird silence when we walk by eachother at school.. yes, very odd.. here is a little something to help take your mind off girl trouble :)


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  8. I've messed up friendships by dating girls. And I've kept some by keeping my mouth shut. Sometimes there is just a friend dynamic and it doesn't work as bf/gf.
  9. i put a move on a friend and we dated later. and now we broke up but the weird silence is gone now. it used to be weird but now we're friends again. slowly but surely. so there's proof that there is a loophole...hehe...


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