Grizzly Man Diaries

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  1. Animal Planet, now.
    Amazing show.

    any one else tuned in?
  2. Haven't watched it but I heard the guy and his girl got eaten by those damn grizzlies! It's some crazy stuff, I can't imagine being attacked and ripped apart by a giant bear. It sounds terrible. By the way, first post! Woot!
  3. Yeah.
    It was deffinately a gruesome death for the both of them.
    Sad thing.
    This was an amazing man, who stood for a lot of good things.

    But Welcome to te city merkaba, hope you enjoy it here.
    and congratulations on your first post.
  4. gay i missed it!!!!!!!!!!
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    Honestly ive watched it a couple times and he does get some pretty cool footage, but I dont see why everyone gets all shocked and upset that he got eaten.

    Dude was nutty as a fruitcake. Some nature-loving yuppie gets it into his head that he's become "one with nature," and in the process forgets he's surrounded by FUCKING BEARS. THEY ARE WILD ANIMALS. THEY EAT MEAT. YOU ARE MEAT. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

    GO HOME GRIZZLY MAN. Every time I watch it I expect him to wise up and go home to watch ESPN like a normal person, but nope. Every time, dumbass gets eaten. And people call it a tragedy. Bullshit, I call it nature. Dont fuck with it and you wont be dinner.

    Edit: You know they tracked and killed the bear that ate him? I have more sympathy for that animal than its last meal.
  6. Just because some one is a little odd, or crazy; doesnt mean that they need to die.
    i know thats not what you said, but your words can be misconstrued over the internet.

    I'm not the biggest nature fan, but i have thought about doing something similar at times, and this is the only thing that keeps me from doing so.

    Edit:They didnt track the bear, it was at the site, protecting the camp ground, and its cub was also killed when he tried to attack the rangers.
  7. He studied those bears for such a long time.. maybe after a while, he got the impression they wouldn't harm him afterall.

    Awesome show though. Hopefully I can download all the episodes somewhere.. I've only been able to catch a few of them.
  8. The highlight of it all is that he gets eaten.

    I mean...

    How stupid do you have to be to fuck with grizzly bears?
  9. He dint Fuck with them, he became so emotionally attached that he forgot the danger of the situation.
    If you were in his shoes.
    you would of most likely done the same.
  10. No, he fucked with wild grizzly bears.

    He set up cameras, spoke to them, let them lick his hand, and he got eaten because he must have tasted really fuckin' good.

    The only thing I liked about it was how funny it was that there are people like that. :smoke:
  11. So you like when people die for something they love?
  12. No, I like when people die because they were doing something stupid. :smoking:

    I wonder if he won a Darwin Award?
  13. No, but I've got minimal sympathy for anyone who deliberately and needlessly endangers themself, then gets whats coming. People call it a tragedy. I call it a statistical inevitability.

    Doesnt matter. The bear was in the woods first.
    If there was a bear in my yard, I'd shoot it. And if I were in the bear's yard, I'd expect him to eat me.
    Which is why my happy ass is sitting here smoking weed and playing Call of Duty. Just like the Grizzly Man should have been.
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    I saw this thread and was like "WTF Grizzly man got EATEN?!?!!?? R.I.P" Then I looked it up on wiki and realized thats what the entire show is about. Its kinda like one long snuff film, once you know the ending. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

    EDIT: watching the show now...this guy is a nutcase flirting with disaster. Talking in a high pitched girls voice to the bears like theyre his kids. skitzo.

  16. The truth be spoken here.
  17. i've never ever heard of this show. sounds weird =\

  18. It is a pretty weird show. My girlfriend watches it and loves it, I never got the appeal. I watched it a few times with her and I always thought the guy had a few screws loose.

    I had absolutely no idea he died until after watching a few episodes, and I was always wondering why he never got hurt when filming.
  19. Sucks that the guy got eaten, but not like it's unexpected.

    You mess with nature, nature will mess back.

    Like a bear is going to really have a hard time deciding whether or not to fish in the river all day, or to eat a nice juicy man.
  20. Yeah this is a pretty awesome show =]

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