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GrizzledGrowman's Grow-Guerilla Style #1

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by GrizzledGrowman, May 7, 2012.

  1. Hey yall, welcome to my grow show.

    This season i decided to go with mostly indica's as i will be moving away from the mainland in late august. I ended up getting several clones from local dispensaries as well as two real good seedlings.

    3 afghan kush
    3 jack herer
    2 blackberry kush
    1 white widow-seed
    1 granddaddypurps-seed
    1 sour grapes

    Spot is on the side of a hill amidst a largly untouched span of old-growth redwood forest. its got plenty of poison oak and deer trails with the occasional hobo wanderer, but is generally quiet. Babies will be put into 1 gal pots with foxfarm oceanforest until ready to be transplanted to 15 gal pots with a mixture of coco, ocean forest, and old steer manure.
    Thats about all i can think of, enjoy.

    may all of our harvests be bountiful.
  2. Hey yall,
    ive been laggin on startin up the journal and as a result i have somewhat of a back log of pictures and update material. So i figured I'd post in week segments. Here we go.

    Week 1

    got babies, transplanted into temporary 4 inchers for hardening.
    Constructed a shade out of a section of deer wire and some burlap cloth. Figured one layer = 10% sun-protection, 2 layers for 20%. Also a big help in wind blockage.

  3. Week 3-4

    Babies done hardening off. transplanted into 1 gallon pots and moved up to final spot.
    Babies just lovin it. White Widow seedling is a Girl!!!!! Celebration Time!!!!!

    From left to right, top row to bottom:
    Afghan, Jack, Afghan, Jack, BlackBerry, Jack, BlackBerry, Granddaddypurps, White Widow (RECENTLY DISCOVERED FEMALE, FUCK YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!), and another good old Afghan.
  4. that brings us up to now, im headed up either tommorow or the next day so, no worries, more pics are coming.

  5. Not much to report, just good growth all around. Some bugs, crickets I think, have been taking nibbles on one of the Afghans but damage was little to none. I don't think they like the taste very much, and I hope they don't change their minds cuz I don't wanna have to spray em. That always seems to lead to temporary slow growth in my experience.
    Anyhow, i took the lil sour grapes clone out from under her shade, so shes in full 10 hour sunshine now. I had to destroy a little caterpillar cocoon that had nestled itself right below the new growth, but apart from that shes lookin good.

    Thats all for now folks, more will come.
    enjoy the pics :smoke:


  6. and here's some nice music :smoke:

  7. Looks like a nice line-up, hope everything goes well! Happy growing :)
  8. Lookin awesome man, looking forward to watching this one pan out. Good luck grizz
  9. Thanks yall, good vibes are always appreciated :wave:
    Should have another update by friday, still have to mix the soil and haul it up along with the pots. It's all good tho, much work equals much sticky stanky beautiful buds. :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"GrizzledGrowman"']Thanks yall, good vibes are always appreciated :wave:
    Should have another update by friday, still have to mix the soil and haul it up along with the pots. It's all good tho, much work equals much sticky stanky beautiful buds. :smoke:[/quote]

    Right on, everything looks great! I've been hauling in backpacks full of soil when I go to my other plot so I can get my girls into bigger pots soon. I'm still getting the hang of gorilla growing. The backyard is so much easier! At this point it's just a personal challenge to get a successful gorilla grow. I just want a couple small plants to make it to harvest for the sake of pride, lol.

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  11. Haha of course of course! The one thing about Guerilla Growing that i love over garden growing is the sense of risk and adventure that you get every-time you make a visit. Even if you make it out with only one plant it's still worth it because of all the work put in and all the experience/knowledge gained. Also, growing dank bud in the middle of the harsh, inhospitable wilderness is fucking badass in it's own right :cool:

    Nice for-thought with bringing up your own soil, that'l definitely make it easier on ya. Luckily my room-mate just bought a prius that runs quiet as a mouse and there just happens to be a logging road near the spot. We're thinking of stocking it up with full (unwatered) pots and pulling a little night op to drop em off at the base and come back in the morning to haul em up.

    Feelin like Danny Ocean with all these shiesty schemes, but you gotta do watchya gotta do, lol
  12. hey yall, exciting news! recently found a nice homestead to grow at so I obtained two new beautiful clones! Blueberry Hash Plant and Critical+(80% sativa)! Ohfuckya

    pics coming soon
  13. hey yall, thought I'd just send up a post to let yall know that the op is still on, i just lost my camera, thus limiting my update abilities.

    but never fear, I'l figure somethin out.

    and heres some nice music while you wait.

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