Gritted disk and flowers

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  1. Hey dudes I was looking at the Dave goldstein fritted disk.
    I know a lot of people use them for errl, I like a switch hitting tube for when I don't have errl. How doe the disk rip with flower?
    Pros? Cons?
    Thanks dudes
  2. It has a standard joint. Buy a nice bowl and pop it on there. Perfectly fine for flower.

    Now if you want to get into types of diffusion, drag, size, etc. itd be clear its not the best flower tube in the world but itd be a damn good switch hit tube imo.
  3. no, it does not have a standard joint, DG tubes either have a male 26mm joint or a male 18mm joint. a "standard bowl" would fit a piece with a female 18mm joint.

    they smoke flowers just fine, but your going to want to get one with the larger 26mm joint and the 26/18 adapter. it should come with fritted pre-filters that go inside the adapter piece, they keep half burnt crap from getting sucked through and get stuck clogging the disc. the smaller ones with the male 18mm joint cant use the prefilters and requires cleaning and water changing several times a day.

    fritted disc tubes kill most of the flavor of whatever you smoke out of it, thats the only downside, well that and the general drag that perc has.
  4. The perc doesnt have that much drag depending on your water level/tube. I had the 18 inch and the mini can. I didnt really like the can at all. Its true what System said about the flavor being completely jacked though. The can has flavor but the tube hit like air which was good/bad ha

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