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Grit Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Markusha, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. So i got this weed the other day...that looks and smells pretty normal. however when i smoke it out of a bowl or blunt (those are the only things i've tried this weed out of) crackles and makes a sort of sizzling sound. i thought it was cause the bud was really cured/dry, kind of like really dry logs crackle when they're thrown into a fire. however i looked this crackling up online, and it says that sizzling and crackling means that i have grit weed...weed thats weighed down with tiny microscopic glass/silicone particles so that it makes more profit and just looks like more trichomes. this is apparently a big problem in england, but has anyone had this problem in US?? I'm from NJ, and its the first time i've ever heard of this.
  2. iv never heard of that before, but usually crackling comes from mold or fungus or bug eggs in your weed (iv seen all 3 before) and i dont think it interferes with the high, but it definetly aint good
  3. i read all about this on youtube man, search it on youtube, im from canada not u.s or uk but i read that its a HUGE problem in all the UK and its bad for your lungs etc obvious shit is about all i know tho, i wouldnt smoke that shit it...
  4. edit: contradicted myself , stoned :|
  5. You can always rub a small piece of nug on something black,then check the "kief" that comes off. If it smudges & rolls up like a lil piece of hash its probably just trich's. If it feels gritty under your finger Id say Grit weed. Im no expert but if I suspected my weed of being gritted,this is how Id check it...
  6. Wow, this is still happening?:mad: From what I remember, a good way to check was to chew a small piece. Grit weed supposedly leaves a definite sandy or 'gritty' feeling on your teeth and tongue. Except for the stuff with microscopic particles, those can only be detected with a microscope. Bear in mind, I'm relying on memory. There should be a ton of reliable info out there. Google ftw.
  7. so my friends and I ran some tests on the definitely leaves a gritty feeling like sand on your teeth and it scratched CDs. our conclusion = grit weed. This batch came from some dude in now I can't smoke it (well technicaly its smokeable, but who would wanna smoke silicone shits)
  8. There was a warning thread about this somewhere earlier, I beleve he said to test it lick your finger and touch the bud then lick it again and see if its gritty or something like that....
  9. Thats stupid, maybe the guy did'nt flush the plants before they came down. Some nutrients crackly, spark and burn weird when not flushed, but if you don't know where or who grew it then better luck next time. Shit like this leads to growing which is benifical over acouple months.:p
  10. Yeah i just got a batch now that sizzles alot when ya skmoke it in blunt bowl bong you name it...i looked some stuff up and it kinda scared me and then i read some stuff that made me feel okay like its just wet or its remaining salts that maybe wenr t flushed away. SOOOO ima keep smoking.... it gets me high.
  11. I had some weed make a crackling sound just because it was really dry and bomb
    if it is grit weed though, discarding of it would be wisest
  12. Yet one more reason why more people should grow their own.
  13. Heres a shot of the bud and it grinded up....i guess i dont see any of the tall tell symptoms like licking your finger and then touching the bud and it wasnt really gritty in my mouth, but it sizzles like scares me, nothing like smoking just to bug out. please let me know.


  14. If it feels gritty in your mouth it's got grit on it. Make qwiso out of it.
  15. looks like some normal beasters
  16. Yeah it does, but you can't tell from looks. The glass grit they use is just about the same size as trichs.

  17. Whats Qwiso ?

    Local Boy
  18. id sell that shit to someone and get ur money back.... maybe evn more
  19. just curiuos what part of jersey
  20. Not flushed properly. HOW IS THIS SEASONED TOKERS WTF.

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