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Grit Weed. Weed Being Laced. Wtf

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighAgain, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Oh no stop smoking everybody
  2. I'm not saying quit smoking if your trying to be an ass. I'm just saying be aware and make sure that its NOT grit weed. You can tell by licking your finger then touching the buds firmly then licking your finger again. If anything gets in your mouth it will be as if sand is in your mouth. Theres a way the weed looks to determine too. Its a big epidemic in UK and has been for quite some time. I think i might be getting some of this shit to, i donno wtf.
  3. yeah swish, dont be a dick man.
  4. There was a sticky up about it in Rec Use or General for a very long time. I think the grit weed thing has pretty much passed, but I'm sure there are still people around doing it. It was mostly in the UK and Canada from what I remember.
  5. wtf lol i'd move to canada if that happened to me in the UK, theres too much weed around here usually and its all good, feel bad for the smokers in the UK....
  6. Ive been getting mine from sources closer and closer to the actual grower so i hope im protected from that bs.
  7. Not saying you're not protected, but it was the growers doing this with the grit. They were spraying it on while the plant was still alive.
  8. This is so fucked up. Cannabis is supposed to be a good thing. who was the jackass that wanted to hurt people with it. this frustrates me :mad:
  9. damn, now im just scared. whats with that shit man? no respect for the plant or the culture. weed isnt supposed to be about profit margins.:(

    the shit im smoking right now was grown by a personal friend so im safe for the moment :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. I get mine from the clinic, so this shit isnt going to happen to me :D
  11. From what I've heard, this phase had passed. The British government actually issued an official warning to Marijuana smokers about it. I'm pretty sure they eradicated the problem.
  12. :hello:

    Anyways, this shit was happening in the U.K.. British smokers, to see if your bud is contaminated with tiny glass balls (cut with a filler) rub your spliff's ash on a surface. If it is "oily" it might be contaminated.
  13. Naw you got it twisted, I was mocking that guy from one of the videos lol:smoking:

    Sorry, I should have added something to make it sound less negative.
  14. oh shit this is crazy i love my weed first we cant trust our gov. and now our good dealers are going bad or was it the bad dealers who did this to begin with im going to start carrying cds with me when i do my pot shop
  15. Shit man, I've heard my stuff pop before but is there any way that could just be the stems or anything?
  16. well it could be your seeds thats happened my friends, they dont grind their weed, but i would be careful from now on if i were you especially if you grind
  17. If weed were a legal substance, smokers wouldn't have to worry about shit like this.
  18. i know this whole system is upside down its kind of a shame that most tokers forget to vote or just dont if they did i think there would really be a change

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