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Grit weed (not glass or silica)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Poor Smoker, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Sup blades, I have been smoking the herb for years now and have never encountered anything "cut" before. Recently, I met a new guy and the buds I get from him have been under-flushed, and what looks like basically leafy beasters. I have a better connect, (he came back now) and I just smoked a joint of his bud. I gotta say, his bud looked like shit compared to the "beasters" from the other guy. However, I am pretty high right now ( compared to a similar sized joint of the beasters). This bud from my regular guy doesn't leave much kief in the bottom of my grinder, but I had a lot of kief from the beasters. It wasn't a stupid amount like normal grit, and it looked like kief. It even smoked like kief, bubbling in the bowl after being pressed into hash. The nugs didn't way more than they should have either. The high however just wasn't there. I would smoke bowls and bowls of it just to get sick and go to sleep. (This never happens to me, my tolerance is through the roof). I know that the sickness could be from the ferts, but underflushed bud will still get you baked won't it? I'm stumped on this one guys. One other thing, the dealer with the suspect grit smokes the suspect grit so he would be getting ripped off as well. He sells a lot of other things and has a lot of protection around him, so the people he runs with are probly really shady. I just want to know what could have been on the bud/in my lungs right now. I know its not sugar or anything obvious, but I think its just there to make the weed look more potent. Sorry for the long ass post guys..:smoke:
  2. I think you'll be okay, but I wouldn't smoke any more of that weed to be safe.

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