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Grit weed identification

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Jackatire, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. I recently read on here about a thing called grit weed,
    I didnt know about it before just not, but its scary haha, anyway the green ive got when i touch it then rub my fingers it does feel gritty O_O but theres tiny shreads of bud, The 3 types of weed ive bought all has it when i touch it,

    I also heard it crackles a little when smoked,
    The only time mine has crackled was when i was smoking a j' and i took a big/fast/long hit

    Does it sound like i got grit weed?
  2. take a cd shake a bud over it rub what comes off around and if the cd gets scratched its probably grit weed.
  3. only time my weed has ever crackled was when i was a noobie and decided to smoke a full bowl of stems and seeds, and the seeds pop somtimes when heated.

    and Js somtimes crackle if u do hit em mad hard but just normal bowl rips shouldnt snap crackle and pop bro
  4. Just tried...

    I rubbed my finger up and down 50 times O_O

    Then put some keif/little green pieces of bud and went up 50 times
    and it did scratch it O_O

    So that DOES mean ive got grit weed?
    Im in texas and bought a dime from a friend that got it from a dealer...
  5. And also i am having a bit of a sore throat, It went by a couple of days ago but still hurts a little, also nose is stopped up o_O
  6. I think youre just worrying to much dude. trust me i used to do this all the time but instead of grit weed i was worrying about laced weed, anyway...just calm down lol
  7. I really have though, I dont get sick much, and i recently went through a sore throat (Just got the weed) And now im congested.

    And it did scratch the CD, And does feel gritty (But every weed ive smoked had grit left on my fingers)
  8. if it scratched the cd i would wait for someone with more experience to talk to before smoking it cause thats a pretty good sign it might be grit weed.
  9. well yea but thats usually a good thing its the thc. you probably already know this though. and you said it scractched the cd when you straight up put a piece of the bud on the cd? how much of the weed do you have left?

  10. Well no, i took a bud and kinda squeeded and wiggled it until stuff fell off,
    Then i rubbed.

    I picked up 2 dimes from 2 diff people. But put them in the same jar, so dun kno whats what =/
  11. it's a shitty situation and i know you really don't want to just throw away the bud. personally, do you think its grit weed? by the way i think the getting sick part is a coincedence
  12. Idunno, Now my chest feels funny (Its probly just me cuz im worried haha)

    It could be, but i bought a dime, not in g's/oz/ So weight wouldnt really matter, Unless they sprayed the whole plant -.-

    What do you guys think?
  13. If u got it in Texas then then it probably just swag (mexican brick weed).
    There is a lot of that around here. Don't know where you live in Texas. but especially in southern Texas swag is bad.
  14. I am about 2 hours from the mexican border, South Texas.

    I can get 5g's of dirt for 10 bucks.
    A little more than 3g's of decent mids for 10 as well.

    Love south texas.

  15. smoke in a spliff... is the ash surprisingly hard and doesn't want to tap off?
  16. Grit weed? Is that what you call it when they sprinkle glass on it to look like THC? I've heard of that shit and some of my buddies know dealers who do it, they don't buy from them though.
  17. Yep that's it, pretty fucked isn't it? lol
  18. pics maybe???

    try taking a small amount with a good amount of shards and burn it (dont smoke it) and when its all burned to ash see if any of those shards are still there if so then you have grit weed
  19. Ahhh, that's smart. didn't think of that
  20. Can you post a close up? Might help.
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