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Grit!!!!! Watch your nugs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kinky reggae, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So its finally happening. Grit weed in the U.S.
    We got a small sack that is for sure grit. so watch your nugs cause it is not worth your health.
    Basically, your nugs look shiny with crystal, but in reality are sprayed with fiberglass.
    nugsnbeer is taking pics to post right now for you know what to look for
  2. The uk's been getting it for the last few years every now and then. Stay clear its proper disgusting... still gets you blazed though. Don't be fooled by the appealing amount of crystals!
  3. who does that shit? hey man, lets waste money on fiberglassa nd weed, and make a product that kills! fukin pricks.
  4. how do your nugs feel? do they look really crystally? Are they hard to the touch? does it hold little or no smell and smoke like sh!t? You might have grit.

    Grab yourself a CD and take your nug, with your finger push the nug aroundd on the CD if it leaves scratches your nug is sprayed with fiberglass.

    People do this to weigh down their grow, and get more money, this nuggage come from boulder so be careful and check your personals.

    this grit was done well, they sprayed it very lightly, but we still noticed it. It looks like there are small THC crystals all over it, but it sparkles too much. And after we looked through our 35mm macro's we noticed that it was fiberglass not THC.

    protect yourself from this threat to our health and safety


    notice all of the small scratch marks on the cd... this snizz is terrible
  5. yo where u guys live at?

    fuck that.
  6. nice way to check to see if your weed has been tampered with, im glad I doubt ill run across stuff like that where im at.

    what people will do for a few bucks is disgusting
  7. damn......thanks for the heads up

  8. podunk white bread mountain town, some where a mile high.... this nuug came from boulder. I haven't smoked it, when I woke up this morning and my roommate showed me i knew instantly that it was grit...
  9. What the fuck is wrong with people these days...
  10. dirty shit man

    uk's full of it

    its actually ridiculas that cannabis is illegal

    its impossible to die from cannabis when its legal (uncontaminated) - FACT

    its possible to die from cannabis when it is illegal (contaminated with glass beads, silicon etc)

    - FACT


    if your forced to smoke this stuff, use a bong - much safer, especially with grit as it doesn't burn. But silicon... fucking hell...
  11. You can die from cannabis... I believe its 1/3 your body weight smoked within 15 minutes. So its possible, but improbable.
  12. If you're gonna post "facts," make sure they actually are facts.

  13. Well,
    It would be impossible to smoke 1/3 your body weight in 15 minutes.

    There is no way, no method, or trick of the trade that'll allow you to smoke THAT MUCH in THAT LONG.

    So yeah, I'd have to say its impossible to die from uncontaminated Cannabis.

    A nice blunt will burn that long, easily.

    And for the record, I was always informed approx. 1/3 of your body weight smoked in 15 minutes will cause an OVERDOSE...
    Not every overdose is deadly. Some are just painful, or sickening.
  14. Thats why I said improbable. But yeah the only way would seem to be IV.

  15. lol. I didn't think of that one...

    You'd think from an IV, though...

    You'd HAVE to die from something else LONG before they could inject 50-75 lbs of Marijuana into your arm.

    But yes, if they DID figure a way to concentrate that much into an injectable sized amount of liquid....
    I'd have to agree with you and say,...

    Yes, you would die.
  16. In an extracted, purified form it seems like it could happen. Say a 1000x extract :) the most potent potables!

  17. Dude...

    I'd smoke that shit with you.

    We can go to the looney bin, together.
  18. Wow, thanks for the heads up. I had no idea. My buddy and I split a g and a half last week (we don't smoke much) and it seemed really dank. Kinda crystally and everything. I don't think we got grit, but now I know to keep and eye out.
  19. Hopefully by the time I'm old and dying they will have created that. It'd be a cool way to go, just flying.
  20. I believe you are correct with those numbers. Although with smoking methods you would lose enough THC that you would need upwards of 2/3 your body weight to actually get that into your system. But I guess if you have something like a dialysis machine hooked up to you pumping pure THC into your bloodstream you could probably do it. Or eat a truckload of super potent brownies.

    but to the op: good method with the CDs, way to watch out for everyone's health.

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