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  1. It's a Airtight container like a pill vile with grinder teeth on the bottom of the container and under the lid .so you unscrew your grindtainer and flip the lid over and grind your herb on the bottom..

    My friend gave me this for free I think it's a prototype or something because this is the only black one I've seen.
    ..they sell them in small med and large .this ones a med. 15 bucks for all 3 sizes on there website

    What do you guys think. Is it a good idea?!

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    Like a Space Case Scout...but plastic?

    edit-oh it dosent have holes where it falls into, you have to dump it out.
    Whats the point.There also only 5$ on ebay...
  3. A disposable container / grinder . For on the go or at home. Making a grinder a smoking accessory. Instead of a grinder being an investment. It's like a lighter or matches.

    ......also made in the U S of A
  4. Yea no bulky metal grinder .if u know where to get em there disposable .ha yea did see anything but glass on that link.
  5. Oh i was making fun about how many grinders i had. Its at the bottom
  6. I wouldn't buy it. And not just because I feel like its overpriced (to be fair its because hippie4u mentioned something about eBay prices lol).

    But I can see people using it

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