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Grinding Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by erossmu, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. What do you guys use to grind your middies up with? I actually use a Mr. Coffee blender to grind my weed up. It gets it really fine and it's so smooth to smoke.

    Although, I just recently tried to make a blunt with that really finely ground up weed, it didn't work too well. Since the weed was so fine, none of the smoke could reach your mouth.

    I'll show pics when I re-up.
  2. Scissors and a shotglass.

    Been using that method for two decades now.
  3. Oh man. The same thing happened to me, I was SO pissed. I rolled a blunt with ground weed, and I'm hitting it and playing Call of Duty 4, and halfway into the blunt I realize I'm getting NOTHING. I quickly unrolled the remainder and packed a fat bowl. Such a waste of weed. Since then, I only break it up by hand.
  4. just buy a weed grinder from your local headshop, coffee grinders make it too fine. you can actually look at the teeth of the grinder to see how fine it will make your shit. (more, smaller teeth = finer weed)
  5. [​IMG]i got that one for free from my girls cousin
    idk if i like it really or not its good for when im trying to roll something up quick but besides that a i wish i had a space case w/ a catch
  6. You can also control how fine it is with the coffee grind. You only need to give it a few whirls and it isn't like powder. It's a much more violent process then a normal grinder which causes a lot more keif to come off of your weed which can be good or bad
  7. Yeah, I get a lot of keif when I really grind it. The good thing about the coffee grinder is it evens the ratio of weed + thc, and since there is less space for air to fill in the slide, you get more weed per slide or bowl.

    Thus, one slide of this weed from my water bong will fuck me up lol.
  8. i use scissors and a shot glass.
  9. a 4 piece grinder.

    its fun to grind weed while high.
  10. I already have a little metal grinder. I prefer the coffee blender... I get way higher when I smoke it from my blender.
  11. just use your hands.. old school for life
  12. yeah i love getting thc stuck all over my hands, gets me so much higher
  13. i got a grinder from a shop off the boardwalk in ocean city md. its pretty much a metal grinder with a kief catcher and a big pot leaf on the top lol.
  14. Wow. You have literally been smoking for longer than I've been alive.
    *bows down to superior smoker*
  15. I use a grinder I bought at a headshop
  16. 4 piece, kief catcher in the bottom:hello:
  17. unfortuantly right now i cant get middies in my town and i am forced to buy shit way overpriced. I used to use my 3 chamber grinder but i dont have it anymore.
  18. a grinder i got at the gas station for 10 bucks that the same one was for sale at a headshop for 40 bucks. LOL

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