grinding up weed in advance

Discussion in 'General' started by chall99, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Recently I've started grinding all my weed in advance and then keep all the ground up product in a bag for storage. My friend told me that this drys out the weed and is not a good idea. Is he right or is it perfectly fine to grind up my weed in advance?
  2. He's right. But if you don't mind very dry weed there's nothing wrong with it
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  3. There is nothing wrong specifically with the weed. The reasons for straying away from " Dry Weed " are as follows :
    1: It burns quicker, causing you to ash out your bowl or burn through a joint sooner then you would with a fresh ground sticky nugget.
    2: Tricomes are more likely to fall off and thus loss of potency occurs. Again, not a negative to the weed, just to the consumer. In your case, pre grinding is going to cause most of the tricomes to fall off anyways, so no real loss.
    3: Heat produces by dry weed is higher then that of a sticky weed. The higher heat can cause harshness in the throat / mouth and lungs.

    So really, it is in my pothead experience, better to NOT pregrind your nuggs. However, you are not ruining your weed.
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  4. Its has its pros and cons
    Its a good idea if your going out of town and you dont want a paraphenelia charge but also dont want to pre roll your joints (i.e. you decide you want to smoke a fat .7
    and not that .3 pinner you rolled the day before heading out of town.)

    Also to combat the dryness add a small piece of apple or an orange peel to keep the shake moist.

  5. I don't know about grinding up your whole stash at once. I just grind up a few buds at a time and store what I don't immediately smoke in an old prescription bottle. Keeps it easily accessible to just pack in a bowl but doesn't dry up my whole stash.

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