Grinding up stems?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingDaily420, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Will I get any keif or just a bunch of nasty grinded up powdery stems in my keif collection??
  2. yes, I do that, I have a vaporizer though...don't actually smoke them, but you should get some keif, run on sentence no problem
  3. nice thanks man. So since I dont have a vape should I just toss out the grinded stems??
  4. you could try and hit them once or twice to try and get any of the resin that's still on the stems, up to you. One small hit wont be too bad, just don't try and torch the stems
  5. k thanks appreciate it
  6. Yeah definitely no value in ground up stems. Toss em out or save up ton of them to make edibles with
  7. It is completely possible to get kief from stems, just look at them and you see it glisten. I would say definitely do it OP, nothing bad could come of it.
  8. You will get a powder that is mostly fiber with little resin if any , and the resin wouldn't be from the stems it would be from the cylax or leaf on the stem

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