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Grinding shake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ENiGMADubz, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. So i have just picked up 2g of shake from (Lemon Haze,Super Silver Haze,Tangerine dream) it does have some stems in it but if i was to grind it up in a grinder will it become more fine or will it stay the exact same?
    Thanks, Enigma
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    the fuck you think bro?!
    take a shit inna blender addsome milk n blend that shit up...
    ...might be a milkshake, but its still fulla shit!!!
  3. This has to be the dumbest question on all of GC and let me tell you, thats saying something.

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  4. you dont make alot of sense dog
    i think your overthinking all this shit
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  5. Sorry im always stoned + i was meant ot put this in seasoned + lemon haze isnt dank, also what i mean is i have shake and its full of like tiny crunchy nugs like a mm or 2 and if i was to just grind it up in a 4 piece grinder will it grind fine or will it just fall through the holes in the part you grind it and thus making it pointless
  6. If you're a seasoned smoker you would know

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  7. What happens if you put shredded cheese in a food processor? Do you think it stays exactly the same or gets shredded more? No, the "I was stoned" argument doesn't work here, and that's most definitely a beginner's question, not a seasoned toker's.

    There's nothing wrong with knowing absolutely nothing about weed. But stop pretending. Your posts go from trying to act like a baller, to showing you don't know a whole lot. So, drop trying to be a baller and just ask questions and I think you'll find people are more than willing to answer your questions with respect.

    Until then, meditate on what you asked. "If I take small pieces of weed and grind them up, do they get smaller?" What do you think, brah?
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  8. kk ive been smoking for almost 2years but i have never had shake before and i tried grinding and maybe 3% of what i put in got grinded + i dont think im a baller i have not said anything near that so yeah....
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  10. Come on guys, don't be trolled so easily

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