Grinding bud makes it taste weird

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  1. whenever i grind my bud for a joint, it tastes weird and it doesn't feel the same. I know that when i grind it it knocks off some of the crystals but this just makes me want to not smoke joints anymore (keep smoking with my trusty bubbler)
  2. there isn't even a question.

  3. oh crap yeah, i meant to ask is there anything to do about that?
  4. What kind of cheap grinder are you using thats making it affect the taste?
  5. You should just use scissors and a shot glass to cut up your bud lol.
  6. Well i just picked up a $30 4 piece grinder online, i washed it a couple of time before i used it, and i didn't wash with soap because i thought it might do exactly what happened
  7. ive never noticed my grinder effect the taste. and ive had grinders ranging from 10-75 dollars. there might be something on the teeth that is getting on the bud? other than this i really cant imagine why you would be experiencing this problem
  8. Maybe its because you don't have a decent grinder. Maybe the weed you are getting isn't any good. It can be a variety of things
  9. Uh yeah

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  10. Ive noticed that grinded up bud is harsher most of the time so maybe that is what you're tasting
  11. well just dont grind it lol, i break it up by hand and never have a problem, never have a problem when my friend grinds it either though.

  12. That's because when you grind it up it has more surface area so it ignites your bud more evenly and quickly, giving you thicker (harsher) smoke.

  13. I know what you mean. The reason it taste different is because when you grind your bud there is stems inside the bud which when burnt it taste bad. Best thing to do is break the bud up with your finger in to the grinder, trying to not include the stems.
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    12 years old why bring this thread back ??
    Yeah those pesky stems never want to be ignored , hard to get them all out .
    what grinder is the OP using?? Any pics or brand
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  15. OP is a decade old man
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  16. i would every now n then use a grinder but i i found i just love the tradition break it apart or crunch it in. i love that

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