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  1. looking to buy a new grinder, anyone have any suggestions of brands or websites to get one from? not looking for anything too fancy or big (dont plan on spending any more than 20$), definitely something with a kief catcher though. any suggestions? :D
  2. $20 price limit, containing a kif catcher limits your choices significantly. I'd recommend looking into a Chromium Crusher. I always enjoyed mine.
  3. get a sharpstone grinder. Best grinders out. Check ebay.
  4. Chromium Crusher, they're like 15bucks on ebay. You'll never go back
  5. That CC looks pretty good. Don't wast your money on a cheep grinder.

  6. checked em out on ebay, pretty sure imma get one of em. thanks a lot man, it looks like a mighty fine grinder :smoking:
  7. Yeah dude, great quality grinder and it's not even that much. One of the better purchases i've made in my smoking career
  8. Glad to help!

  9. Well he said max price of 20... A real sharpstone, 20 bucks, um not likely!
    But on another subject, agree fully!
  10. I actually just got one of these from my local smoke shop for $18. It works pretty well, just don't overload it or it takes forever to get it all out
  11. I got a 4 piece grinder of ebay for $15 that is pretty good. But I went to the local smoke shop an they had pretty much the same one for cheaper. Also, heres a good tip. leave a clean penny in in the grinder above the screen, shake it around a bit and it will help push the kief through the screen alot better.
  12. [​IMG]

    $10; busts up fast, efficiently. The lid will accumulate in kief, and you just need to take a paint brush to it, and voila! Crazy amounts. Trust me.
  13. thanks! ill try that

  14. Real SharpStone under $20

    I've been in the market recently for a grinder and so far I've had my eyes on a brand called Mendo. Not only are they local, their product has gotten a lot of praise in the circles around here. Does anyone have one by chance?

    Note: Mendo's with Kief Catchers run about $40 (link)

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