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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by topdog82, Apr 4, 2013.

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    I currently use some random aluminum grinder. I have heard things here and there about aluminum being bad for you

    But so is plastic...

    So what is the solution? Aluminum is bad for you. so is plastic. Should I just use my fingers?
    At the same time, I want a fine grind for my arizer solo

    Is this whole aluminium being bad for you just a myth?

    EDIT: Seems like I have reached a dilemna. I post this in the vape forum because grinding weed with nice consistency is essential to vaping
  2. Aluminum an/or plastic is not bad for you unless you ingest it, so.............get a grinder that has little to no reports of aluminum or plastic shavings in your bud. To this end, I would recommend:

    SantaCruz Shredder....Aluminum
    Storez and Bickel.....Plastic

  3. THANK YOU lol

    But tehcnically wont my bud rub onto the aluminum regardless of shavings falling into your weed? And that is bad for you?
  4. When they say aluminium is bad they are refering to making bowls out of foil

  5. I just looked at the brand of my grinder. it says "american Grinder". Prolly some no name company. U think it will be fine?

    @Iwein: u have any particular suggestions of those?

    @highimhigh: isn't it the same concept? Weed smoke mixing with aluminium?

    Are wood grinders legit in any way? That way there is absolutely no chance of harm..? right?

  6. Bro you're not gonna take any harm from your weed touching the grinder.
  7. i vouch for santa cruz shredder. they grind down to a nice fluff

  8. No. Bud coming into contact with cold aluminum is not bad for you.

    I have read reports of aluminum and plastic shavings in just about every grinder other than the ones I mentioned above.

    Personally, I don't like wood grinders mainly because of their round teeth and the fact that the teeth can easily bend and break.
  9. As well as aluminum bowls and alum grinders that flake when their teeth rub one another.

    Don't get a no name grinder. Go with one of the brands that are known for zero flaking. As stated above Space Case, Cosmic Case, Santa Cruz Shredder, etc...
  10. The weed rubbing against the aluminum won't hurt you, it's just if it gets heated. Aluminum shavings is the problem with most cheap grinders. Space case is supposed to be the best grinder but they are usually the most expensive. I have had a sharp stone grinder for the past 2 years and had worked well.
  11. You'll be fine

  12. Yours may be fine but I've read numerous reports of SharpStones having broken teeth and aluminum shavings. Have not read these kinds of reports from the grinders I've mentioned above.
  13. Nah that problem was from people buying knockoffs and not knowng it

    There are guides (i.e. that'll show you hwo to make sure its a real Sharpstone

    I have a 2.2" for about 6 years now, and bought a 1.5" one for vaping just recently, both 4 pieces, never had any probs. I usually carry my grinder with me so I didn't want to spend as much as the higher end ones but didn't want a cheap no-name, Sharpstone is the perfect middle ground
  14. no mention of titanium grinders???? what about them???

  15. No such thing. There are no grinders that I am aware of that is made of titanium.
  16. I would just get a better grinder, quality usually improves with price. But in general it can't be obnoxiously bad for you if you just wait and upgrade if you have the money. Besides you can't smoke enough weed to make that a problem, unless you smoke joints as much as a chain smoker, then I dunno haha.
  17. Says the man who owns a titanium space case. Lol.

    I'm fairly certain that's what the dude meant. A grinder like yours with a Ti coating.

    Oh, and regarding spending money on a good grinder. It's worth it. My Space case is over 5 years old, and still going strong. When you break the price down over the course of 5+ years, it cost me less than $15 per year to own. Every year it lasts, it gets cheaper, heh.

  18. ..... ;)
  19. I can vouch for mendo mulchers. Had mine for the last 3 years solid as a rock and grinds like a champ. Just checked the store page and it looks like he's making vape grinders too now.

    Not quite as slick looking as a space case, but heavy duty and made in America with top notch materials.
  20. space case? i have 2 .....both sizes

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