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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OrangeK, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. So im looking to buy a grinder, I've never had one before so i have a question about them. I'm probably going to buy a sharp stone grinder with a kief catcher. But my question is since it has a kief catcher will i get less high because I'm losing the crystals? or will it just make an unnoticeable difference?
  2. your bud will be less potent, yes, but since you keep the keif anyway it just means you exchange slightly less potent bud for a small amount of concentrate
  3. You won't notice a thing. :hello:
  4. The keif you save would probably have been lost when packing a bowl with your hands. At least with a grinder its simple, burns evenly, and you can do some keif sandwiches.
  5. Coffee grinder....

  6. Yes, I have to agree with you it will be "less potent" as crystals are fall off into the kief screen and then to the chamber.

    But define less potent.... You WON'T even notice a difference at all.
  7. You wont notice the difference. Plus more to smoke later.
  8. You're gonna love it :) just don't expect the kief to build up right away, it takes a little time.

  9. i notice a difference between ground and keifed bud and regular broken up bud (i use tweezers rather than fingers).

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