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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Excel, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I've been blazing for a little over 2 years and I think it's about time I get a grinder. Problem is I don't really know anything about them except that they grind weed (lol). I was looking at them online yesterday and saw that some came in different sizes, does that just affect how much you can grind at once? Also what's a pollen press? What is the difference between a 2, 3 and 4 piece? I was reading a lot about people being very happy with the prices on eBay, would you guys recommend that over going to a headshop (I live in Toronto if that changes anything)? Also are kief catchers worth it?

    Thanks in advance :smoke:
  2. 1. Lets say you have a lot of kief and you want to save it but you have trouble saving it, so you take the kief that is at the bottom of the grinder and usually you will have a four piece grinder to collect kief. So what you do is take the kief put it in the pollen press and tighten the press down and finally the kief is compacted into little easily storable disks for your disposal.
    2. In my opinion just go to your local headshop and get a four piece grinder with a kief catcher it will be worth it in the long run.
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    NOOOOO dont get a grinder (unless all u smoke is joints and u just dont care)!!! break it up with ur fingers or scissors. using a grinder fucks ur trics all up and yeah collects alot of them in to the bottom of a four peice.... but why the hell whould u want to make what ur grinding up less potent..... dont mess ur buds up man

    if ur looking to get keif get it from trimming and leaves.
    get some dry sifting screens or screenboxes from a site like aqua lab to collect alot of keif from trimming/leaves.
  4. Get a metal 4 piece grinder from your local headshop. Just go down there and ask for help, the people that run my local one are very helpful and well informed. Don't listen to the dude above me, you actually absorb thc into your skin when you break it up with your hands, the thc lost in a grinder is minimal and it always collects in the bottom compartment. So if you are like me and want an extra strong vape/bong hit you can oPen the bottom and use some of your collected kief on there.
  5. Also grinded weed cherries in a bowl like a champ if that is what your looking for. Don't listen to kushswag about all of that sift box stuff it is just a big pain in the ass and takes to much room when you can have a neat little compact grinder that does it all in one. :)

  6. lmfo how is sifting a pain in the ass when ur getting moutains of keif hahaha when a grinder is going to give u a little and take it from ur buds
  7. i dont think much is absorbed if your gently breaking the bud up. but i also agree is not the best.... use scissors!!!!
  8. if u really need to get a dumb grinder get a 2 peice

  9. They are just so easy to use when you are really baked :smoke:
  10. Well I don't smoke more than like twice a week and I usually smoke joints (can't have a bong atm, might get a pipe). Can you get 4 piece of a decent brand for under $30? I'm probably gonna get a 2 piece.
  11. Try looking at sharpstone. Great quality, got a catcher, there metal, and around $20
  12. Try to get steel because aluminum grinds and sheds very small shavings of metal into your bud.
  13. Thanks for the tip Max!
    And wow Sharpstone sounds perfect lol i'll look into it, thanks man!
  14. I have an acrylic grinder. Was like 3$ on amazon.

    I only use it for quick sessions.
  15. "Well I don't smoke more than like twice a week and I usually smoke joints " yeah u should prob just get a 2 peice . with the amount of herb u smoke its not even worth it to buy a four peice. u should prob just buy a 3 dollar grinder
  16. I'd definitely invest in a grinder. Before I invested in a nice one I did the research and I 100% endorse grinders! Especially if you're gonna break up the weed with your fingers. If it's some real sticky icky it's possible to get a lot of the THC on your fingers instead of in your bowl where you want it!

    And yee, ground up weed cherries like a bitch. But I've noticed as long as you keep sure to clear it it doesn't cherry at all. But I like cherrying =D
  17. That's what I was thinking of doing but I think once I move out I might start blazing more often. I guess I'll just go to the headshop and get a cheap one unless they have a good deal on a nice one, then once I start blazing more upgrade :D

    What is cherrying?

  18. cherrying is when u get the weed all lit up...
    the burning marijuana thats all red/orange and hot
  19. Ohh ok haha thanks
  20. Here's a few names you can look at.

    [ame=]EastCoastToke's Grinder Review (Sharp Stone, Chromium Crusher, Cosmic) - YouTube[/ame]

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