Grinders. Spikes or Diamonds?

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  1. Whats better. The spiked tooth girnders. Or the flatter bladed ones?
  2. I don't know if it counts for much but all of the cheap grinders I have seen had spikes, and the pricier ones had diamonds. I have both and would like to say I can tell a difference but I can't really.
  3. spend the extra money and get a mauler(diamonds)

    the pins on the spiked ones just break off.

    the maulers are made from aluminum and machined one piece. they will last a very long time.

    get a sharpstone grinder
  4. spikes suck, get a nice straight toothed grinder. they are wayyy better.
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  6. ^^how do you like that grinder?! I was thinking about buying it just to have smaller one, and I also iked how it looked.
  7. I threw my grinder out in a Post break up induced rage, lol.

    So I do need a knew grinder, and I as well dont really understand the difference between models. I see that grinder above me has those holes in them.

    Can anyone explain what those are also? I'd like to get a decent grinder that will last me a while, so any advice is appreciated.
  8. what do you smoke

    beast-headies-medical grade get a nice grinder with a catch ---- dimonds

    swag-mids go get a nice sized cheap grinder with spikes throw a blunts worth in and turn ahah
  9. Love it, it works great! grinds everything to a perfect size and catches a ton of kief. Plus the price was unbeatable.
  10. diamond all the way...i dont like spike grinders they cheap.

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