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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by dennisrr, May 14, 2010.

  1. I've been plannin to get a grinder but I need to know if they still work as well when grinding up smaller amounts of bud.

    So how bout it?
  2. yep small amounts are fine (with my 4-piece anyway)
  3. I've got a four piece sharpstone clear top and I love it, I mostly only grind up small ammounts at a time, and it gives great results, and an awesome keif yield, with almost no plant matter in the keif. A grinder will make even small ammounts of bud last slightly longer, and ground bud burns more efficiently, meaning you get more baked from less ammount of bud.

    I would recommend grinding anything you get, and when you smoke, instead of loading a bowl, load a single hit in the bowl, and just take that. repeat till baked
  4. Thanks that helped a lot.
    +rep I'll be loadin bowls with a grinder soon enough. :smoking:
  5. thanks man. I hope you really like whatever grinder you get. Just remember that there are good and bad grinders, and I really love my sharpstone 4 piece clear top. it was only 40 bucks and I can tell it's gonna last a long time
  6. Go on and grab a Chromium crusher, i think there under 20$ and they work amazingly

  7. Damn. Their prices change on amazon ALL the time. It was 40 dollars a couple days ago. Now its 17. I suggest picking it up now if at all. I am stuck between the crusher and sharpstone though =/
  8. ive owned both, i like my new crusher alot, but i wouldnt have had to buy it if my sharpstone didnt get stolen. so idk its a toss up both are really good grinders. i find the CC grinds it up a little bit finer but thats about it
  9. I've used a few CC's and really like them, but I like how my sharpstone feels when grinding better, and it gives way better keif than any of the CC's I've ever used
  10. the sharpstone gives more kief, but the kief is more plant material and less thc content. Its cause sharpstones have a larger screen *size of holes* not size of screen, i dunno what its called, but the CC kief is much more pure and higher quality.
  11. I love my grinder. Hand breaking just seems so primative to me now. :smoke:
  12. I've got a 5 piece sharpstone so i get by far the best of both worlds :D both the fine grade keif and the larger stuff too :hello:
  13. Agree about the CC itself, but dont get it from amazon (weird price shit).

    2.5" SPACE Chromium Crusher Herb Pollen Grinder 4 pcs - eBay (item 150407599969 end time May-21-10 16:18:18 PDT)

    $20 shipped, same dude I got mine from.

    Chromium Crushers are absolutely the bomb. I have ground up the brickiest scwag and the stickiest dank, both times with ease. I've used other grinders that'll get stuck when grinding schwag/sticky dank, but my CC never fails to grind the shit perfectly.

    And CC screens are the best (not too small, not too big). The amount of kief it catches is PERFECT - always really fine, no plant material or anything.

    Also CC have such a nice weight, and they feel so good in your hand!
  14. Chromium Crusher over Sharpstone for sure. But if you can spend more then $20 then I reccomend a Mendo Mulcher or a Space Case. Space Case is the best but remember you get what you pay for with grinders.
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    I've never seen a scrap of plant material in my sharpstones keif catcher. All of my keif is 100% keif, and is amazing.
  16. Good morning all!

    I have a Sharpstone 2.5" 4 piece grinder and I love it. Available here (with a pollen press) for $40.00 shipped to you!

    What a deal!


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