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  1. by association a grinder is a tool you need to toke, be it a purpose made grinder, a pair of scissors or even your fingers, so here is my question:

    Which do you prefer?

    personally i prefer to use a coffee grinder, just use a few short bursts and bam, its dont. removing all seed prior to grinding ofcourse.

    my reasoning: i hate to be the generic old guy but, ive got arthritis so as you can assume i dont really feel like twisting and twisting a hand grinder and i just get the 16 year old stoner smoking in the bathroom feel from breaking it with my fingers,
  2. i can understand the arthritis, twisting and turning sure can be hell of a fatigue but there's nothing wrong with grinding with the fingers, au naturale although some grinders make the kief collecting process easier which is much more of a desirable benefit of grinders
  3. get a sharpstone. they dont take any effort at all to grind. i got a clear top one to watch my weed grind. its gold too. only 30 bucks. it was a STEAL.
  4. turning a doorknob gives some slight pain so as you can imagine any twisting is undesireable

    Is that their website?
  6. that is nuts the prices they care charging, for a 3.5" 4 pieces no more than 40 im buying that right now
  7. I am guessing thats a good deal? I am buying my own equipment, my friend always had it, so I did not know anything about grinders. LOL
  8. Yeah I mean atleast the head shops from where I am from are fucking sooo expensive, and like I have moved since and the prices are alittle better but that is just (in my opinion) a dope grinder, I have a kannastor now.
  9. They make electric grinders, I'm sure it would work similar to the coffee grinder...but probably smaller and portable. Never really looked into them so I can't tell you how much they cost, but maybe this is something worth looking into for you?

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