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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokin', Feb 19, 2009.

  1. so I've been looking at some grinders and was wondering what is the purpose of a 4 piece?
  2. The screen collects Kief...the closest thing you can get to pure THC without making like hash oil or Hash.

    It's there to collect Trichomes
  3. Grinds up weed and drops it on a metal screen. THC falls through the screen. You can make kief
  4. So, definitely worth the extra dollars?
  5. yes sir
  6. if you don't have one, i'd say pick one up. i have a twenty dollar one from a local headshop and i don't know how i managed without it now that i have it.

    on another note, can someone explain what the purpose of the second screen is?

    or is it just to make the kief extra-refined?
  7. so worth it, you'll see

  8. Yes, someone please answer this. :D

  9. yes, it is. in all grinders, more than just keif falls thru the screen. finely ground bud/stem (if u dont pick the stems) will fall down too. the second screen just acts as a second "filter" if u wanna call it that.

    completely pointless id say. if the space is big enough, u can put a small nug in there for storage and itll become extremely frosty.
  10. ive got a 5-piece, yeah it gives you extra refined keif and also two different size/purity of kief to choose from, i would definately reccomend a 5 piece if you can afford otherwise a 4-piece.
  11. Yeah I like my 5-piece also its great the kief i get is awesome and I got it with a pollen press for 28 bucks from amazon and it grinds great
  12. Def buy a 4 piece, it falls through holes below the teeth into a second chamber where it lays on a screen, under that is the keif catcher. 3 piece grinders SUCK at collecting keif becuase it gets stuck in the metal, and it's just green bits anyway, not the trichs.
  13. It's not at all pointless, and it's similar to how hash is mass produced in the Middle East. The first sifting gets large matter like stems or seeds out, the second sifting gets mostly just the kief (trichomes) which were then heated and pressed into hashish.

    That being said I'll stick to mass sifting my trim and popcorn buds with silk screens. I've never cared for grinders personally. I lose far less to my experienced finger tips than what sticks to the inside of most grinders, and I'd rather have my kief in my pipe with the bud most of the time.
  14. dude. u make hash from that kief. so simple basically clean out the grinder by putting it (seperated) in some isopropyl alcohol, till its nice n clean n all the kief is in the iso, stick it in a flat container like a plate or a petri dish. wait a few hours for the iso to evaporate, then use a razor to scrape the plate/dish. u have hash. smoke that shit

    yessir just had a nice hash topped bong rip. riiipped
  15. Thanks! That answered my question:)
  16. Thanks for the help guys, I'm thinking about buying a sharpstone
  17. Here's what I don't understand. Most people just sprinkle their kief on a bowl of herb. If you're gonna do that, why not just get a 2pc grinder so the kief doesn't get separated in the first place.

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