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  1. So im looking for a new grinder, but i want a non aluminum one but having some trouble finding some when i google i just get "smart crusher" that has a lot of mixed reviews are they any good ? also if anyone has some other options would appricate it 

  2. so what do u want if itsa not aluminium. when i got my frinder 3 years ago i got it with a cali crusher for $6 total. i wudve had to pay $10 for the calicrusher alone. and its lasted 3 years and hasnt broken yet. has a keif catcher too. ive bought $50 grinders before and hte keif catcher gets fucked up. buy yourself a cheap grinddr with keif catcher and your set. spend the rest of the mony on bud. some ppl are gonna hate me for sayin this
  3. Ya I can taste the aluminum flakes now. You bought a fake for $50 if it broke.

    I'd go legit.
    But it's your health...
  4. This is why i want a non aluminum one people told me they have zinc/steel, titanuim, im just having some trouble finding non aluminum ones. But i really dont know much about grinders so maybe a good aluminum one wont flake ?
  5. I have a titanium space case. I've had it for probably 8 months and its been great. It's the best grinder I've ever owned. I bought a large, which I will admit is huge and I did not need, but I enjoy showing off to people, and paid I think around $85. So they are a bit expensive but worth the money.
  6. Kannastor is the way to go. Its aluminim but ive had it for 3 years and its been nothing but perfect. The screens are also replaceable.
  7. Cali crusher, spacecase. You're welcome.
  8. I own a two piece space case and it's the best one I've owned

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  9. There are plenty of plastic grinders, wooden grinders, and zinc alloy grinders, but the majority of them are low quality.

    If you want an inexpensive grinder that's non aluminun get the storz & Bickel, its plastic but works well.

    I would stay away from cheape metal grinders & cheap wooden grinders
  10. santa cruz shredder?
  11. It's not a Santa or anything but I love my sharp stone

  12. I had actually meant to say santacruz shredder instead of cali crusher. Sharpetone makes good grinders too but scs are top notch.

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