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  1. What kind of store would I be able to buy a good non aluminum grinder at?
  2. Local Headshop..
  3. No such thing. Go aluminum or go home.
  4. gc's shop has wooden grinders
  5. why dont you want an aluminum one? they are the best imo. not a fan of acrylic, never tried a wood one. dont get a shitty cheap one though its worth it to have a nice grinder to run chronic through :D

  6. [ame=] Diamond Grinder on Vimeo[/ame]
  7. Just don't get a wood grinder. It'll have a hard time turning after some friction builds up.
  8. Space Case makes a few models with a titanium coating.

    They're pricey, but so worth it if you have some extra cash just laying around.
  9. ive got a metal one, idk what kind of metal but its def not aluminum. best grinder ive ever had.
    doesnt chip, change colors or suck at grinding. its also heavy as shit. lhs for like 30 bucks. came with 2 screens for back up.
  10. Ive got a plastic one that works perfectly fine. Nice sharp teeth. 4piece.
  11. All of these assumptions about different types of grinders aren't always correct. I once had a plastic 3-piece grinder (got stolen by the fucking cops) and it was the best grinder I've ever owned. I prefer wood over everything else, it seems to grind extremely evenly, might just be the one I got, idk, but don't trip over the material, just the quality and design.

    MAKE SURE THERE IS A KIEF COLLECTOR. Some cheap grinders have this stupid screen that you can't get into because it's attached to the bottom of the middle piece, you waste a lot of potent kief if you do invest some money ($40-100 about) on a good quality one.

  12. Yeah man, when I first started using my old plastic one I thought the teeth were going to go dull, but I was shocked when 3 months later it was still kicking back great ground buds....plastics the way to GOOOO!!! :hello:

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