Grinder with 3.5g stash?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by WickedRecords, May 10, 2011.

  1. I'm lookingfor a grinder with a stash for weed. I buy in eighths so I would like it to be bug enough. Do you know Andy good ones around $10? ThAnks
  2. Around $10? No. :poke:

    Most high-end grinders are at least 20-50 bucks. And I've actually never seen a grinder with a stash-spot... :confused_2:

    Why not just get yourself a nice grinder and a little stash can or something? :confused:
  3. i spent 50 on my medo mucher and its the best grinder i have ever purchased and its huge its the 3 in model and ive thrown 6 grams in it before and its held it fine
  4. could find a solid grinder on Amazon, 4 piece for $15 or a little less but it will hold around 2 grams (ground up). Then you should buy an airtight jar for $4 or so in any Target/Meijer/etc.
  5. Ok thanks, I haven't checked amazon yet
  6. space case has a model with a stash compartment i believe its called the scout.
  7. Lol! Was literally about to post this until I saw that it already was the most recent post!

    Yeah, the Scout has the compartment underneath... if that's what you're after, then that would probably be your best bet. Though it is 45$ or something like that.

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