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Grinder Vs Scissors

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by crankacid, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering what people prefer, because I got a grinder yesterday for my b'day with a catch tray and shit, but no matter how full I pack it I'm always chopping with scissors after it :smoke:
  2. grinder all the way
  3. Scissors man, scissors. I don't like losing my thc crystals
  4. for me, it depend on how the bud is... and i have 2 grinders and i find the end job is differents.... i like to grind my weed and it looks fluffy and not all compact little pieces. if you know what i mean...

    i would sometime use my hands as well (i am probably way to picky with my weed...)
  5. My grinder for sure!
  6. My grinder..wat else wud it be made for..
  7. Scissors do a better job I think but grinders are more convenient, and kief bowls are pretty awesome.
  8. Kief...enough said no reason to buy a grinder if it doesn't have a catcher
  9. [quote name='"GreenDirector"']Kief...enough said no reason to buy a grinder if it doesn't have a catcher[/quote]

    Buy a kief box :confused: does the same thing x1000
  10. I like the idea of grinders for one reason, kief. But then again, there are always kief boxes... I use a coffee grinder that resembles a mini-blender. I only use scissors when I'm chopping up a small amount because my 'mini-blender' sometimes muches it to dust.
  11. to grind spices you can add to food.. as a "legal" use
  12. Grinder grinder grinder...Now to think of it, I don't think I have ever used scissors lol. But seriously, my space case has taken multiple 25+ft falls, been partially run over and dropped out of my car numerous times and doesn't even have a dent in it.
  13. Kief? As in the stuff collected? :blazed:
  14. [quote name='"crankacid"']Kief? As in the stuff collected?[/quote]

    Yeah, Kief is the pile of thc crystals in the bottom layer, so when you get enough you smoke a fatty Kief bowl, and then you never go back.
    Edit: basically the shit that coats the weed and your fingers if you tear it apart
  15. If its not grinding well, turn it upside down and give it a few more turns, should come out better.
  16. I can cut up dank better with scissors but grinders are good just because you can collect kief. It's been said ten times already but its true. Scissors ftw tho :smoke:
  17. Scissors and a shot glass man... it's just how I learned to love. I was taught by old school stoners when I first started smoking and they all used scissors and a shot glass so it just stuck with me

    I feel like I am mutilating the bud with a grinder, scissors are more personal
  18. grinders for the win. i hate touching weed, i like to touch the bud once. putting it into my grinder, then its busted and put into a small plastic shot glass, and i pour it into my bowls/papers.

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