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Grinder vs Fingers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EndoMANIAC, May 15, 2011.

  1. Ah yes, it's this thread again. What's your stance and why? Scissors get out because you're in between.

    I've always loved grinders and used them all the time, but I recently just started breaking off little nugs and tossing them in my bowl. A lot more convenient and I actually like it better because it gives an even toke, no coughing.
  2. if its just a few rips fingers do fine, fuck the extra time it takes. but for a gram or so sesh its way better to throw it in the grinder because of the whole oil on your fingers deal. It just feels good to be clean and professional about it :)
  3. I use a grinder almost everytime. I love grinding your nug up and that beautiful smell. yee
  4. I just always use my fingers even though I do have a grinder, grinders give a good even consistency for blunts and shit though.
  5. Grinders win every time because of Kief.

    inb4 delete.
  6. ^ keef and grinder hash is the upside of grinders

    You need to get legit grinder though, not a cheapo from the corner store where the keef screen falls out after a month of use.

  7. True that, guy. I have a shitty ass metal one with a flaming skull and crossbones on the top; that'd be cool if i was in 5th grade. I really need to get a nice one with a screen (mine doesnt even have one)
  8. I used to always like using fingers because I liked breaking up the weed, examining buds as I tear them apart. Grinder is preferred over fingers though now, at least for me..collecting kief as others mentioned is the main attraction. :)

    I hesitate to bring it up because you said scissor people are "in between"?..but I feel grabbing a nug by the stem stub and trimmin' off chunks with a nice pair of scissors is by far the best fingers on the bud and minimum disturbance of trichs..also more precise than your fingers can be..:smoke::smoke:
  9. grinders for J's and blunts. fingers for bowl packs. i do agree, nothing like the smell of freshly grinded nug.
  10. being that i use a mflb i use a grinder.... the more powder like the better.
  11. Dont get me wrong i love my grinder...

    But with that said, there is somthin about breaking up the herb with ones hands... or a good pair of scissors always works
  12. I prefer grinders...getting it stuck to your fingers is a pain in the arse - getting the smell/resin off isn't good either
  13. Scissors reporting in against the rules


    My face whenever I buy weed instead of a grinder

  14. Definitely a grinder every time. If I'm spending $20 a gram on weed, then you best believe that its being treated as well as it can up until it gets lit on fire.
  15. I always use my fingers, even though I do have a grinder.
  16. My face whenever I top a hit with kief I got from my grinder.

  17. fingers is much faster than grinder somethimes...especially if you gotta look for your grinder
  18. I don't have a grinder, so normally when I pack bowls I just use my fingers, when I roll I use shake.
  19. With grinders the kief gets stuck all over it and you need to clean it if you don't want it to go to waste. If you want kief a kiefbox does a better job than a grinder ever will.

    I vote scissors.
  20. i prefer grinders because it makes it an easier smoke and grinding creates kief.

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