grinder vs breaking up by hand.

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  1. So me and a friend have a disagreement about grinding weed vs breaking it up by hand about 1.2minutes ago.

    He says using a grinder will get you higher because you burn more THC faster.

    Me on the other hand i say its the same cos theres the same amount of THC anyway you look at it and it lasts longer broken up by hand and i enjoy the taste of my weed.

    anyways was just wondering your guys opinions are on this.
  2. Does it really matter?
  3. It doesn't make a difference to me. I enjoy breaking it up by hand though.
  4. i love grinders much more then by hand u dont get a prize...grinders they give u the prize of kieffff!!!
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  5. fuck off. if you dont got anything important to say dont say anything at all. i get the same high either way and dont care how its done and do it both ways i just wanted a fuckin opinion from other ppl. but anyways.

    and thats true emens but i got plenty of kief, read kief tuturial i posted how to make it out of stems and shake such a beautiful thing. then u got a prize either way. :p
  6. If its good weed I would put it in my Sharpstone :D Kinda like a space case, Got the pollen catcher and everything and is totallllllllly worth it! The kif is so pure :cool:
  7. I break it up by hand for a few reasons:

    -less hassle; no need to use grinder, grind up on a piece of paper and funnel into bowl

    -when weed is well ground it tends to burn very fast and the smoke is harsher. For most of you regular smokers who obtain a lot of weed, this probably isn't a big deal

    -When i break it up by hand i tend to put one chunk in the bowl first, then pour the rest on top

    -Generally burns slower and lasts longer cause there is little dense buds plus shake in the bowl
  8. I always thought God gave me hands to break up weed. lol. . .
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  9. using your hands is more legit. if you get pulled over and you got a grinder, what you gonna do? the less items you use the less chances of getting caught.
  10. i like grinders for dense buds

    but when you get some good nugget i rather break it up in my hands all it does is pretty much rip apart anyway
  11. but thats also why you grind up your bud before you ride
    in my car the only parphenlia i have is the blunt, lighter and i keep eye drops in my dashboard,
  12. I like grinders simply because they are convenient and a time-saver. If I want to smoke a bowl or roll a blunt I prefer the way that allows me to smoke in a quicker fashion. Plus, when you smoke a lot it can get pretty repetitive and annoying to constantly have to break up weed by hand.

    Grinders also have kief. All hail kief!:D
  13. I say......grinders for home and fingers for rome....
  14. grinders, saves the thc that you would lose on your fingers
  15. its all preference. .

    dank rocky nugs. . light fluffy kind

    sticky moist. . dry crumbly

    bowl. . or roll

    all deciding factors
  16. i use my fingers or a shot glass and small scissors...
    im gonna get a grinder soon though.
  17. I always use my hands, but a grinder makes it a lot easier. Plus when I'm high, I have a tendency to lose bud when I do it by hand.
  18. i dont own a grinder, but if i did i would use it :/

  19. Same here, except I take it a step further, I roll one up before I go because I can't seem to roll good ones anywhere but at home lol.

    And I always break it up, I ground up some once and rolled a nice blunt, I burned half of it before I realized that I was only getting like 25% of the smoke because it was ground up too fine. Never again lol.
  20. haha ya i like playing with my weed what can i say, its just more fun to break it up by hand especially when my fingers stick together or get to much thc on them to even roll the blunt and i gotta wipe them off.

    Then again once you sget so high a grinder which i have a space case is so much easier especially with alot of people smoking.

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